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For a New Chain of Mexican Fast Food: “Dos Toros Taqueria”

When it comes to fast food there are the names we are familiar with: McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, and Chipotle.  In you live in New York City, there is a new kid in town: Dos Toros.  Dos Toros is relatively new to this area but with any hope there might be one in your town soon.  Started by two brothers, Leo and Oliver Kremer, from Berkeley, California, the Mexican food you find here is inspired by food they loved growing up.  In California, the brothers grew up worshipping Gordo Taqueria, a favorite of Bay Area residents since 1977 (now promptly added to my San Francisco to eat list). Much of the recipes and even decor found at Dos Toros has been modeled on Gordo. Before moving to NYC in 2008, the brothers were living very different lives. Leo was the bassist for the band “Third Eye Blind”. Oliver fresh out of college, considered working in the technology or finance industry. Both disillusioned with their lives, they decided to pursue something they have l

For a Bit of Frank Lloyd Wright in an Unexpected Place: “The Crimson Beech House”

Do you ever wonder how we can return to a location many times but still certain treasures remain hidden?   For instance, I have been to Staten Island many times yet until recently had no idea there was an architectural masterpiece not far from the roads I have traveled back and forth on many times.  If I am being honest Staten Island is not my favorite NYC borough. If you were to pass by me on the street you could have easily heard me say that there is nothing to see but a very small, sad zoo and a dump.  I mean no disrespect but coming from Brooklyn I hardly ever need to leave my own borough to have a great meal or walk down a historical path. That being said, there is an important item on my annual to do list that resides in Staten Island; Richmond Town.  Aside from historical sights, and a good meal, another passion of mine is Frank Lloyd Wright. I have visited his greatest works in Chicago , Pennsylvania , and Taliesin West in Phoenix, Arizona.  I ac

For the Perfect Appetizer Dinner: “Morgan’s Brooklyn Barbecue”

Have you ever gone out to eat and wished that you just ordered a bunch of appetizers?  I have.  It is actually my preferred way to eat. I like to get a taste of a bunch of different things rather than one big plate. I am much more interested in the kinds of foods we eat as appetizers versus lunch or dinner. Desserts hardly ever register on my radar. At the beginning of this year, right before I was set to release my annual to do list , I stumbled upon a photo of the most beautiful plate of brisket nachos I have ever seen. I instantly wanted them. Naturally the establishment behind said nachos, Morgans Brooklyn Barbecue, earned a spot on my list. The week leading up to my visit all I could think about was “would those nachos be my entire meal or just my appetizer”? Sure I love all kinds of barbecue food: the ribs, the brisket, pulled pork, and don’t even get me started on those sides!! Any restaurant that serves mac and cheese, corn bread, and creamed spinach us

For Hallmark and the Season They So Vigorously Promote: “Christmas Con”

Do you love Hallmark?  Do you love Christmas movies?  Than boy do I have an event for you! It is called Christmas Con. During the first week of October I was scrolling through Instagram in the middle of the day, as one does, and I stumbled upon an ad on People Magazine’s site. It was describing the first ever Christmas Con. I immediately flagged all the info as I knew my mother would love to go.  My mother, bless her heart, is a die hard fan of the Hallmark Channel’s Christmas movies. After all, she is a part of their target audience. I, on the other hand, cannot stand those movies. They are so cloaked in fantasy and you can predict the romantic, unrealistic ending after the first five minutes. However, I know I am in the minority of this opinion. Many, many people find these stories heart warming and a nice distraction from real life. While, I prefer to watch Criminal Minds to unwind.  This was to be the first ever Christmas Con and I knew tickets were going t

For the Newest Pizzeria in Town: “F & F Pizzeria”

Did you ever have a such a delicious meal that you couldn’t wait to return for a second helping?  I am luck enough that this has happened to me several times.  The only downside is that I am constantly on the lookout to cross new places off my list. I have the same problem when it comes to traveling. I want to see new places but also revisit those that previously stole my heart.  In Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, there is one block where you can literally eat some of the most delicious food you have ever tasted. Way back in 2015 I crossed Frankies 47 Spuntino off that year’s annual to do list.  That meal surprised me by how deliciously unexpected it was. My family still talks about their meatballs to this day. We have always meant to go back but somehow it didn’t pan out.  Recently we decided to return to the block of the Franks, that is Frank Castronovo and Frank Falcinelli. These two, best friends, now own three restaurants on this block: Frankie’s