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For the Ultimate Family Sunday Funday: “F & J Pine Restaurant”

I have had two excellent family oriented weekends back to back. Normally that wouldn’t lead directly to a blog but I am feeling an appreciation for all satisfying experiences now more than ever. It all began two weeks ago when I attended the reception for my newest cousin who had just been christened. Turns out that girl really knew how to throw a party. Too bad she slept through it all. As we sat at the big long table (there were two, one for each side of the family) we were still chatting away when we were asked to pick our entrees. I have to tell you I changed my mind literally ten times. I was hoping when the waiter got to me I would even remember what I had chosen. Apparently there were no bad choices, just huge portions. As it was a Sunday the place was hopping. There were Italian families sitting at big tables eating smoking hot food everywhere you looked. When our waiter arrived his accent and appearance charmed most of the table, cousins of both

For a Café That Cares About It’s Community: “Bread Box Café”

As much as I am a planner for all of my activities on a rare occasion I will surprise myself and go with the flow. You know you are having a good day when it’s been over six hours since you ate and you only recently noticed. For that matter I was out of coffee about as long and only slightly cared. After our exploration of Roosevelt Island was complete and I hadn’t found any place for my companions and I to dine at, we decided to bit ado and head home. I remembered seeing a café that looked cute in Queens right before you arrived on Roosevelt Island. It is a good thing I took note of it when we happen to pass by. It was where I was destined to go. I had a great day but now I was hungry, hot, and in need of a break before continuing the drive home. The place we arrived at was the Bread Box Café. As I walked in I was mid conversation and wasn’t paying attention. I didn’t even notice what the people I passed were eating, which proves my poin

For Roosevelt Island: Past, Present, and Future

I have been a homegrown New Yorker my whole life. Like most people I get caught up in my daily life taking for granted the precious places I am surrounded by. For as long as I can remember looking out a car or bus window towards the East River my eyes always gleam staring at both that beautiful N.Y.C. skyline as well as Brooklyn where my heart lies.  Since I began this blog I have made it my mission to make a list, checking it twice, and give myself a year or so to scratch off attractions that I haven’t yet been to despite living in this city for almost thirty-four years. I found that even when I cannot travel to an exotic location I could have a staycation any day I want. There is so much more to discover in New York City especially when I am so close. Ironically it is not so much the location of the places we want to see, as it is more important to carve the time out of our busy schedules. Sometimes the things we would love the mos

For a Night of ‘Real’ Comedy: “Loni Love at Gotham Comedy Club”

Of the many things one can do for fun in my fair city one of the most fun is attending a show at a comedy club. I don’t attend as much as I should be because my schedule is always packed. It takes a special performer to get my attention, make me sit up, take notice, and buy a ticket. I am proud to say I have seen the best of the best. This past weekend was no different. It all began last summer. There was a trial run of a brand new talk show that I became addicted to. Normally I hate daytime television. There are mostly talk shows and I don’t care what celebrity is dancing on Ellen, nor do I need to see who the father is on Maury. But all of that changed for me after seeing this show. I have a daytime talk show that I cannot get enough of! It features Tamar Braxton, Tamera Mowry, Jeanine Mai, Adrienne Bailon, and last but not least, Loni Love. In case you haven’t figured it out already I am talking about “The Real”. “The Real” is every

For the Wise Man Who Used His Wealth to Change His Community: “Weeksville Heritage Center”

There is a house near my family home that always stands out in my mind. I have passed it countless times and each time I always seem to look up at it when I approach it. It is the first home I believe I ever saw that was a historic landmark. This house is even more special because it is in the hands of its private owners. There are no tours, no photos, and no modern additions. It looks the same as it always has to me for the last thirty-three years. I bet it has stood there much longer. Strangely I have never seen any of the occupants coming or going. It is always just standing there looming over the street waiting for some one to notice it. I always have. There is something about old houses that have remained in the same condition. I feel like there is a story to be told and having a visual into the past makes it more realistic. There is a presence when you stand inside looking around trying to see a structur