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For the Cheesiest, Sauciest, Pop-Up Exhibit Ever to Hit Brooklyn: “Museum of Pizza”

I love pizza. I love #pizzaFridays even more.  Thus, the perfect place to spend one was at this pop-up exhibit in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  As the Museum of Pizza exclaims on it’s website:  “Like a best friend, pizza is fun, reliable, consistent, flexible and unselfish. Always here for us when we’re hungry, happy, hurried or hungover. Pizza does not judge; it is always for the people, by the people - and that’s why we love it.” I couldn’t agree more.  Pizza is the perfect snack or gourmet food. I have made a career out of keeping track of the shops I want to visit and reviewing the ones I have already been to. Most recently that included the chicken parm pizza from Noble Kitchen, for which you can read all about in my next post.  Your entry into these exhibits begins by walking through a room filled with pizza boxes from all around the world. They are part of the Guinness World Record collection accumulated by industry expert Scott Wiene

For Find Out Friday - What is This Supposed “Friendship” I Have With Buttermilk?

I like cooking, even baking, and especially during the holidays. I pride myself on always being prepared and taking the time to double check what I need so that when the time comes to do the dirty work I have nothing to stress out about. So when that plan devolves, under no fault of my own, I feel full of rage.  TWICE within the last month I have stocked up on buttermilk and TWICE it has gone bad right after opening it. The expiration date was still good both times and both times I only used about a cup. In case you are unfamiliar with this substance, buttermilk is the cream that remains after butter has been churned. When making Mac n cheese, my infamous stuffing muffins, cornbread, or something I think could benefit from a tangy flavor, I add buttermilk. That is if it isn’t rotten by the time I get to it.  But the BIGGEST gripe of mine when it comes to buttermilk is that I only ever see one brand in any store I go in, and only comes in one size available.  It driv

For Finally Solving of the Mystery of Who Is Buried In Grant’s Tomb: “General Grant National Memorial”

I will never understood the question, nor will it ever cease to amuse me; “Who is buried in Grant’s tomb?”  Why is this even a thing?  I know this sounds more like a topic for Find Out Friday, but I have instead turned in into a piece of investigative journalism.  After having it on my to do list for some time ( ), I finally decided to visit the old boy and find out the answer to this age old question. And yes also to appease my UF, who is the first and only person that ever asked me. General Ulysses S. Grant was our nation’s eighteenth president who served two terms presiding as our leader from 1869 to 1877. He was laid to rest in New York City in Riverside Park, one hundred and fifty feet from the street level.  As per his only request he is buried beside his bride, Julia Dent Grant, who died in 1902, seventeen years after the former president did as a result of throat cancer.  After leaving the presidency the couple to

For What I Am Thankful For Right This Very Minute: “Thanksgiving 2018”

Perseverance is what life is made of. The endless cycle of highs and lows can be enough to make one question what it is all for.  I know that these first lines may not sound like the beginning of a post about gratefulness but it is.  For, without any true struggles, would we really know the value of our blessings? Right off the top of my head I know what I am most grateful for this year: my mother.  And I don’t just mean in a general way. I mean in the literally sense. In the way she is able to sit beside me, love me, and yes, even annoy me. She had major surgery seven weeks ago ( ) and the fact that she is well on her way to being better and stronger than ever is no small miracle.  This recent challenge brings me to the next item on my grateful list; those who got me through this tough time.  There were the family members who I never doubted would me there for me, but continued to overwhelm me with love, support, a