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For the “Best Pizza” in New Rochelle: “Pizzeria La Rosa”

I wonder how many blogs I have dedicated to pizza. I suppose if I was really interested in the answer, I could do the work to find out. I think the better question is, how many more pizza blogs lie in my future? That is a real brain teaser. 

While I don’t know the answer to my riddle, I do know that this pizza blog is one I have been longing to write since I sat down to eat my meal on that particular Pizza Friday Eve. 

Pizzeria La Rosa is the brainchild of Frank Pinello and Matthew DiGesu. 

Frank Pinello hosts “The Pizza Show” on Viceland and is the owner of one of the best pizzerias (pun intended) I have ever been to: “Best Pizza” (  

Ever since I had lunch in Williamsburg that day last April, I compare every other slice, especially the mushroom ones, to “Best Pizza”. The only slice that can compare is found at another Brooklyn institution; Totonno's (  

Frank Pinello is a fellow Brooklynite and Italian American and has a culinary background that includes but is not limited to Roberta’s (, yet another Brooklyn pizzeria I have been to and that is often found on many lists of the area. 

Roberta’s would cross my mind as I headed outside to my car. There was an area with table and chairs with sparse strings of light that was very reminiscent of their early days. I guess you can take the boy out of the pizzeria, but not the pizzeria out of the boy.

Matt DiGesu on the other hand has a marketing background and made his way to pizza glory in 2015 he began working at of all places; “Best Pizza”. 

Frank and Matt spent over a year renovating the spot that now houses “Pizzeria La Rosa” in Westchester, which already housed a one hundred year old Peterson oven. 

The retro vibe is very easily felt as soon as you step inside. The exposed brick and open lay out contributes to this feel. It is also super inviting as are the staff. 

Since I was going to be thinking about “Best Pizza” during this meal I knew I had to try a regular pie with mushrooms on top. Not only for comparison purposes but because I assumed it would be delicious. Spoiler alert - I was right. 

The mushrooms were cooked ahead of time and that makes all of the difference. I am now very snobby about how mushrooms are prepared for my pizza.

The other pie we ordered was a classic; the Margherita. For any of you who read that Find Out Friday blog, you will recognize it as one of the oldest and most popular kinds of pizza, and for good reason. Simple, quality ingredients are really all you need to make a dish you will crave. Here at Pizzeria La Rosa you will enjoy a Margherita pizza that is the embodiment of that sentiment. 

I think the only slice I would have liked more is having mushrooms placed on my Margherita pizza. That is something I will have to keep in mind for my next visit. 

Since I entered through the rear entrance (the parking lot is around the corner from the main entrance) I decided before I left to take a loop around to see the front. 

It was then when I had a chance to chat up one of the owners; Matt. We had a great chat about our favorite pizzerias and what they have in common. While I enjoy talking to anyone who loves pizza as much as I do, I have to say the highlight of our talk was that he provided me with another spot to add to my list. One I hadn’t already heard of; “Luigi’s”. Not surprisingly it is in Brooklyn and has a forty plus year history. 

Now that I can cross Pizzeria La Rosa off my 2018/2019 to do list, I have room to try out this suggestion. 

Apparently my pizza blogging days will not end any time soon. 

Thank God.  

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