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For the Royals, Cabinet War Rooms, and Jack the Ripper: London, England “Food & Drinks”

This will probably be the shortest blog I have ever written or will ever write about food.

England, even London, is known for many positive, wonderful things, but I am afraid food is not one of them. 

It has been almost ten years since I visited and I am aware that the food scene there has changed quite a bit. But back when I was there I wasn’t really into the whole foodie thing. More importantly I didn’t really have the time. 

Chez Gerard at The Grosvenor 

Chez Gerard was the restaurant at my hotel where I was staying. We had breakfast here every morning, as it was included in my package. 

The restaurant was very nice and it was a great place to review our plan of the day while getting some nourishment. The breakfast was served buffet style and for the most part was pretty good. The eggs were a bit runny but I liked being in an elegant atmosphere being served coffee and tea and only having to sign my name, without payment. 

Sadly Chez Gerard is no longer open. A new restaurant has made its home at The Grosvenor and I hear it is doing well. 

The Duke of York 

When in London there is one essential dish you must try: Fish and Chips. Or as they say Cod and Chips or Rock and Chips. 

Typically this dish is beer battered fresh cod served with French fries. The proper way to eat them is with a healthy portion of salt, pepper, and vinegar.

The Duke of York was a pub near my hotel where I had dinner my first night in London. It is where I had my very first plate of fish and chips. Here it also came with a side of mushy peas and house made tartare sauce.  

I didn’t love it but I ate it. I suppose you can say it has an acquired taste. 

Back in the states I have ordered shrimp when having fish and chips and have fared far better ( Apparently cod and I are not two peas in a pod.


Pimm’s originated in England and is basically their version of sangria but with mixed with lemonade. Trust me it is way better than it sounds. Prior to my visit to London I hadn’t ever tasted it before but I was damn sure to go to a pub and order one, or two. 

There is more than one variety; for instance Pimm’s number one is gin based while Pimm’s number six is vodka based. 

Since returning to the States I have seen Pimm’s drinks on menus in bars and restaurants alike. 

Chain Restaurants (Subway & McDonald’s)

Normally a chain restaurant that I see on every other block in America isn’t something I would ever seek out on holiday. But when I am on such a busy schedule sometimes you have to just grab whats around for sustenance. 

However I did have a surprising, rather pleasant experience at both of these establishments. 

The McDonald’s I visited was in Notting Hill right after I visited Kensington Palace. I was stunned by the service. Once you ordered your food you sat down and it was brought to you. It also seemed to taste better and one of the only times I have eaten from here where I didn’t instantly regret it.

The Subway restaurant was about the same as it is here however the choice of chips rather amused me. It was the only time I have ever seen Walkers’ Chicken flavor chips and it paired well with my chicken sandwich. I will say I normally do not eat pre-made chicken but it wasn’t as bad as I pictured. Somehow food, even ordinary food, tastes better on vacation.


As I mentioned, in part, in my earlier post about Harrods ( 

Harrods originally opened in 1824 and now currently has over one million square space of retail heaven. One entire floor contains their legendary food hall. I believe it is what Eataly used/stolen as its model. The food hall is something to be seen. There are over eighteen bars and restaurants.  

Unfortunately there are no main food court type seats where you can sit to eat inside, but that doesn’t mean you should leave empty handed. 

There are more areas of food divided by category than I have ever seen before. I mean there are sections for olives, coffee, fish, desserts, and more. In fact one of the best places to eat Indian food in all of London is Harrods. The Indian food I compiled was amazing and so was the duck my brother ordered. 

Actually anything worth eating in London can be found here.

As they say here: “If you can eat or drink it, you’ll find it at Harrods.”

Unfortunately all that remains, is “What Remains.”

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