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For a Bit of Luxury in Downtown Philly: “Philadelphia Marriott Downtown”

When you do the kind of sightseeing I do in a day on vacation the room you return to has to have the ability to restore both your body and your soul. The Philadelphia Marriott Downtown I recently stayed at did that and much, much more.

I came to town that weekend to finally lay my eyes on the brand new Museum of the American Revolution ( I was looking for a place to lay my weary head for one night and the location (besides price) was really my only criteria. 

I adore Philly ( and due to its proximity to NYC I visit fairly often. Sometimes I make it a long day and return home without spending the night. But on other occasions when I have too much to do, a hotel a necessity I enjoy. Nothing makes me happier than checking into a new place for a pampered stay. I know within the first few seconds of stepping into a new hotel just how smart my choice was. 

Long before I arrive at my destination I have used my favorite hotel app Booking dot com to search for great deals in the area I am going to. I have found that when I have a budget, which I always do, this app leads me to a place within my price range without sacrifice. But like anything else you need to do your research in order to properly assess any offer (

Being that I was traveling on the weekend adjacent to the Fourth of July, prices were slightly higher than normal but that was the weekend that best worked for me so I made my peace with it. The Philadelphia Marriott Downtown is centrally located within the city and is directly across from Reading Market Terminal (, the food Mecca of Philadelphia. It is also within walking distance of my big three: Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, and Benjamin Franklin’s grave.

The Philadelphia Marriott Downtown hotel is massive. I also want to point out here that it is right near a Courtyard Marriott so that is the reason I have been sure to spell the entire name out. 

This hotel is about four blocks away from the highway and the Ben Franklin Bridge which I love. Philly is a great city that way. Whether you have taken the train or driven into town you arrive right in the heart of it. With a lot of other major cities you have to travel a ways to get into the heart of things. 

I knew his hotel was big but I didn't realize it took up four city blocks! When you pull up front the first people to greet you are the men who will valet park your car. Now I know this is a small thing but I love luxury and I am not afraid to admit it. The very first time I experienced this at a hotel and had to call down for my car I felt like I was in a movie. When I am on vacation I feel compelled to enjoy any perks that come along with my stay.

After walking inside in the front doors I was practically jumping up and down to the point where it was visible. The hotel was buzzing all around me. The lobby is so enormous I didn't know where to look first. I was overwhelmed truly, and that doesn't happen as often the more frequently I travel. 

On the left there was a legit gift shop! Oh I do love a gift shop and this was the good kind with Philadelphia themed products not just gifts with the hotel logo on them.

Checking in was a breeze and every single employee I came across during my stay was beyond kind and helpful. 

The walk alongside my bellman to my room felt like it took forever. At first I worried I wouldn’t be able to retrace my steps to the elevator on my floor let alone back down to the lobby. But once I saw my room I was okay with that.

The room was big and beautiful. There were the small touches like a sign reading “We The People” hanging up, which made my day. The bathroom was almost the exact same size as the room itself. I could have lived out of there. There was a mini-fridge, huge flat screen TV on the wall, and two queen size beds. It was already on a temperature that felt cool to me. Like I said its all of the little things that make a difference. I was instantly sad I wouldn't get to spend more time in that space, but I made sure to fit in some much needed relaxing there. If you are ever thinking of taking a staycation that is the proper place to do it whether or not you live in Philadelphia.

I learned over the course of my stay that the hotel was connected on the inside with the adjoining Pennsylvania Convention Center. The inner walkway I had to use to access the main building hovered over Market Street and was a great spot to take photos and film some Snapchats. 

The Philadelphia Marriott Downtown opened in January 1995. Though it has changed hands over the years, the service has been maintained.

There are over twenty-three floors with thirteen hundred rooms and seventy-six suites. Overall there are at least ninety-two square feet of meeting space and a duel level concierge team.

Some of my favorite amenities (even though I didn't use them) were the gym overlooking Twelfth Street, the hotel florist, beauty salon, newsstand, laundry, shoeshine stand, and pool to name a few. One business I was ecstatic to utilize was the in house Starbucks. Even better was that this wasn't a cafe selling Starbucks coffee it was an actual Starbucks, which I most definitely and happily patronized. Their “13” restaurant also seemed glorious but again I didn't have time to try it out. There is always a next time though!!

According to

“This is our guests' favorite part of Philadelphia, according to independent reviews. Couples in particular like the location – they rated it 9 for a two-person trip. This property is also rated for the best value in Philadelphia! Guests are getting more for their money when compared to other properties in this city.” 

They took the words right out of my mouth. 

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