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For Life, When in Newport: “Newport Grand Casino”

When in Newport you may feel like its all yachting, shopping, and Summer Cottage tours. But that is not so. You can also gamble!

This type of activity is always of great relief to my favorite travel buddies i.e. my mother and cousin.

Newport Grand Casino is much like the town it resides in, small. There are two floors of mostly slot machines, around one thousand, I believe. There are even several tables of roulette and blackjack that are played electronically without a dealer, in person. That was a first for me. Technology is really changing every aspect of our lives. 

Since I am not a huge gambler, I was happy to see there was a bar where there was live music and a reasonably big concession stand. A bag of popcorn and a properly mixed drink goes along way with me. 

While visiting Pittsburgh I passed through Rivers Casino which was a medium size casino and thus not much bigger than Newport’s ( As for why I was there well, I was traveling with my mother. Notice a pattern yet? 

Despite my overall lack of enthusiasm when it comes to casinos, I only made my first bet on my way home after five days in Vegas, I did my best to participate while I was in Newport. I think I spent about forty bucks which went up and down all night. I was fine with it. I was entertained and tried a bunch of different games so for me it was money worth spent. After that I was over it and exhausted from my very busy day. 

However if you are looking for more pizzazz with your slots there is Twin River Casino in Lincoln, Rhode Island. According to Google Maps it is about forty-five minutes outside of Newport and boasts it’s the largest gambling and entertaining venue in Rhode Island. Considering we are talking about the smallest state in the union I am not sure what that means. At the very least there are a few thousand slot machines, many table games, and races to get your wallet pumping. There also is over eighteen restaurants where you can get your chow on.

While Newport Grand Casino isn't big, isn't flashy, it does’t need to be. It gets the job done just fine the way it is. It is a great way to add some excitement to your stay without being too overwhelming. It is also a pretty good way to end a night, especially if you are coming up roses. 

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