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For Year 7: 2017/2018 To Do List

What they say is true; the older I get the faster time seems to fly. I always wonder why that is but I don't have the time to really sit and ponder. Rather I choose to stay proactive accomplishing long desired tasks. In order to do that I have to decide ahead of time what they are. I do that pretty much from the moment I publish one of my annual to do lists. I save emails of every place that seems so good it has to have an official spot on my itinerary. Then I hopefully get to it before the next year’s list approaches.

2017/2018 To Do List; Activities
Remaining From Prior Year
Harriet Tubman Statute
St. Nicholas Avenue & Frederick Douglass Boulevard

Collyer Brothers Park
2080 Fifth Avenue
Site of former infamous hoarded house

Alexander Hamilton’s Grange
414 West 141 Street
Preserved Founding Fathers Home

Morris Jumel Mansion
65 Jumel Terrace
Oldest house in borough

Grants Tomb
West 122nd Street &b Riverside Drive
General Grant’s National Memorial

Cathedral of St. John the Divine
1047 Amsterdam Avenue
Fifth largest church in the U.S. 

City Hall Park Monuments
City Hall
Memorials for Jane Addams, Horace Greenly, Crime Victims, Declaration of Independence, Freedom Tree Marker, Joseph Pulitzer, Liberty Flagstaff, LT. Issac Barre, Underground Railway, Provost Prison

Coney Island Museum
1208 Surf Avenue
History of area and exhibits

Lefferts Historic House
452 Flatbush Avenue, Prospect Park
Built in 1783 showcases life of Brooklyn families in the 1820s

Woodlawn Cemetery
517 East 233rd Street
Rosa Parks, FW Woolworth, Irving Berlin, Elizabeth Lady Stanton, Nellie Bly, Joseph Pulitzer, Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, 

Whale Watching Cruise
Rockaway Beach

Lyndhurst Manor
635 S. Broadway Tarrytown, NY 10591
Gothic Revival Mansion

Ferncliff Cemetery
280 Secor Road, Hartsdale NY 10530
Joan Crawford, Tom Carvel, John Lennon, Jim Henson, 

Old Westbury Gardens
71 Old Westbury Road Westbury, NY 11590
Gold Coast Mansion

Boldt Castle
1 Heart Island Alexandria Bay, NY 13607
“If you haven’t seen Boldt Castle lately you haven't seen Boldt Caste”

Jay Heritage Center
210  Boston Road Rye, NY 10580
John Jay Ancestor’s Home

Gracie Mansion
East End Avenue at 88th Street NYC
Mayor’s home

Escape The Room

Belvedere Castle
79th Street, Central Park
Dates to 1919 with exhibit rooms, observation deck

Brooklyn Navy Yard 
63 Flushing Avenue 
Tour describing WWII effort and other uses for the facility

VanCortlandt Manor
525 South Riverside Avenue Croton On Hudson, NY 10520
Historical Landmark

381 North Broadway Sleepy Hollow, NY  10591
John D. Rockefeller estate 
2017/2018 To Do List; Food
Remaining From Prior Year 
Lasagna Restaurant
196 8th Avenue
All varieties of the Italian classic dish

Amy Ruth’s
113 West 116th Street
Chicken and waffles

Harry’s Cafe and Steak
1 Hanover Square
Old school style steaks

157 East 33rd Street Bet. Lexington & 3rd Avenues, Murray Hill
Mac’Cheese spot

Insomnia Cookies
482 Third Avenue at 33rd Street, Murray Hill
Delivers warm delicious cookies to those of us awake until 3am.

50 Macdougal Street
Deep Dish Chicago Style Pizza 

505 Columbus Avenue
Celebrity Chef Michael Psilakis Greek restaurant

380 Lafayette Street
French cuisine

Murray’s Cheese
254 Bleecker Street
Cheese Mecca plus breads, meats, and olives

Beecher’s Hand-Made Cheese
900 Broadway 
Variety of cheeses and small sharable plates

Fresco By Scotto
34 East 52nd Street
Rosanna Scotto’s family restaurant

Campbell Apartment
Grand Central Station- 15 Vanderbilt Avenue NYC
Classic cocktails & light fare in the ornate Grand Central offices of a 1920's mogul.

Rye House
11 West 17th Street #A
Old style pub with creative grub and whiskey 

Rainbow Room 
30 Rockefeller Plaza, 65th Floor
Iconic; brunch

Russian Tea Room
150 West 57th Street

Clocktower NYC 
5 Madison Avenue
Brunch in a club setting with dining rooms and pool table

Black Seed Bagels
176 1st Avenue
Hand rolled, wood oven baked bagels, creative sandwiches

Odd Fellows NYC
175 Kent Avenue- Brooklyn
Ice Cream

Hotel Delmano
82 Berry Street- Brooklyn
Dirty Martini, Cocktails & Small Plates

575 Henry Street
Celebrity spot, pizza joint

Jake’s Steak House
6031 Broadway
Usually a wait, steakhouse with a view of Cortlandt Park

Sal, Kris, Charlie’s Deli
33-12 23rd Avenue 
Old fashioned, oversized Italian subs

Sally Apizza
237 Wooster Avenue New Haven, CT 06511
A New Haven tradition since 1938

Redemption NYC
1003 2nd Avenue
Sleek lounge serving wings and burgers

Donahue’s Steak House
845 Lexington Avenue
Vintage establishment serving quality steaks

56 Beaver Street
Opened in 1837

Haven Rooftop
132 West 47th Street
Cabanas in a glassed in rooftop bar serving cocktails and French cuisine bites

Orwasher’s Bakery
208 East 78th Street #4
Jewish bakery for cookies, doughnuts, breads, sweets

Alleva Diary
188 Grand Street
Now owned by Tony Danza, store for all Italian goods opened over 100 years

Stonewall Inn
53 Christopher Street
Historical Landmark for the gay rights movement

Tanner Smith’s 
204 West 55th Street
Prohibition themed bar, Tipsy Tea Brunch

232 East 43rd Street
1932 eatery serving steaks and Italian food

Cheese Grill
188 Allen Street
Sweet and savory grilled cheese sandwiches

Boulton and Watt 
5 Avenue A
Gastropub with cast iron fixtures serving cool cockails

130 West 47th Street
Steak and sushi with separate lounge for drinks

Gooey & Co. 
630 Flushing Avenue
Small bites of cakes and pies

Pizza Moto
338 Hamilton Avenue 
Neapolitan style pizza

The House of Pizza and Calzone
132 Union Street
Fried calzones and thin crust pizza

Jay & Lloyd’s Kosher Deli
2718 Avenue U
Traditional foods, Brooklyn institution

1524 Neptune Avenue
Thin crust coal oven style pizza since 1924

Anthony’s Place
2812 Ocean Avenue
One of the best Italian restaurants in borough

Well House Drive,Prospect Park
Outdoor food market

La Salle Bakery 
3139 East Tremont Avenue
Bread and pastries

Queens Comfort
40-09 30th Avenue
Modern takes on comfort food like guacamole stuffed onion rings

Pizza Barn
70 McLean Avenue Yonkers, NY 10705
Super size slice of pizza as seen on Instagram video

Coney Island Pizza
40 Hamburg Turnpike Riverdale, NJ 07457
Cooked on a wood burning oven

I feel like I did the best this past year of getting to long awaited spots that have spent more than one year on my list and were due some proper attention. While you will notice there are some repeat offenders on there I did my best to weed out places that for one reason or another I no longer seem to be interested in. This way I have more room to finally accomplish what remains as well as of all the new, exciting places I now seen on my horizon. 

A little over a year ago I posted my most recent annual to do list. Now that time has approached once again.

You will see I have spruced up my list including all pertinent information as well as why I have chosen that activity or restaurant. 

Its best to keep in mind that these are only the goals I have set for myself within the confines of my hometown and nearby areas. There are many, many other places I have on my bucket list and those are too many to name here. For this purpose it is best to keep this list refined. As Susan Sontag once said: “I haven’t been there yet but its on my list”. 

I hope you will join me on this latest journey and I implore you to make your own to do lists to getting on living and doing. 

For Previous To Do Lists:


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