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For My Blog’s 6th Birthday

Well it’s late at night again as I sat down to begin writing this post, which is not unlike the night of March 2, 2011. On that night, now six years ago, something deep inside me could suddenly no longer take the despair I felt inside and I decided to put my thoughts down. The despair I felt was actually the constant yearning to live a life I imagined that was far from what I was doing on that day. I am pretty sure I just wrote whatever came to mind, like I normally do, and spit out three short posts to get this blog rolling. As they say, the rest is history. Well history that is still evolving.

Last year I found it hard to believe that half a decade had already passed me by since I had begun writing this blog. I felt like I was still light-years away from my goal, even too far away from seeing my goal clearly. All that has changed now.

Bethenny Frankel says, “that all roads lead to Rome” meaning that everything you do and experience in life will aid you once you realize your dream. I see now how this happened for me. I was always into photography and thought maybe that was my career path but now I see that it is a medium to assist as a visual guide within my writing realm. I now know that I am meant to be a writer, to express my thoughts and myself, and teach others the lessons I have learned. I hear knowing what you want is half the battle. I am just beginning to see what yellow brick road to follow in order to end up where I hope to, and for me that was the harder part.

When you are seeking out a life that has no predetermined path like a lawyer or doctor it is hard to know where to begin. Thankfully I had the blog. But then what? Of course there is also real life to deal with until you are the next Elizabeth Gilbert. All of that had begun to make my head hurt, as a chronic migraineur Lord knows I didn’t need that. All I had to go on was my instinct so I followed that as it lead me to my bliss.

Although I knew 2017 would hold big things for me ( I had no idea how quickly they would happen. It is truly magnificent how quickly the date on the calendar seems to change things. I am now elated to say that I am a full time free lance writer working on my personal projects and branching out as best I can. In the future I will have a website up and running with a line of merchandise for sale. I already have several business trips planned and hope to continue working with places to provide more in depth reviews for my readers.

This past year showcased my new and first weekly series, which began on July 15, 2016. It is called “Find Out Friday” ( and this series came about all of a sudden. It occurred to me one afternoon at my previous day job that there were random questions floating around my brain that I had never taken the time out to research. I had hoped that my readers would begin posting topics for me to share each Friday but until they are ready I have a list of topics, mostly light hearted, that I will provide the answers for, for the time being. It has been a challenge maintaining this deadline but is has been a good exercise in diligence for me. I find it delightful to learn random facts about phrases or parts of society I had participated in without knowing why. I look forward to what answers the future holds and follower participation!

Over this last year I have written more personal posts than any year prior.

Among my favorites are:

·   For This Election (,
·   For F-cking Fentanyl (,
·   For Finding the Pride in Oneself (,
·   For My Twenties; May They Rest in Peace (,
·   For My 35th Birthday (, and as of this year
·   For Juliana’s and Her Extended Family Legacy (

I am now learning that the unknown can be as exciting as what you have planned. I choose to believe that life has a way of working out so I am going to have to do the work and then trust the process. I know that when I look back at this during year ten I will clearly see the breadcrumb trail that I cannot right now. That is enough for me today.

The most important thing I have learned this year is that although the struggle is real so to is my desire.

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