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For a Mediterranean Brunch at “Barbounia”

Brunch is a particular meal to me. There really are no true brunch menu items. You are either eating eggs or a sandwich. I am not a huge breakfast fan so I tend to stay with the lunch-ish foods. So as long as there something I crave on a menu I don’t care what meal I am sitting down for. Since I have wanted to eat at Barbounia for about a million years ( I already had my meal picked no matter the day or time.

About a year ago I was walking down the block when I first stumbled upon Barbounia and I just loved the look. It was nighttime and the lights seemed so inviting. It was that moment when I decided I had to dine there one day. Once I read the menu it became set in stone within my mind.

Inside this place is even more glorious than I pictured. While there the environment is bustling but the design and layout provides a blissfully warm luxurious place to have a meal or a drink. It felt like a resort I had checked into and already didn’t want to leave.

To say I am a fan of falafel is to put it mildly. I am always on the hunt for a good falafel. A good falafel for lunch is what I call “Happy Falafel Day”. I need them more days than not. It took me months to find one spot near work that was worth such an honor. My previous favorite had closed down leaving me devastated and hungrier than ever.

So obviously once I read the word falafel on Barbounia’s menu I was sold, lock, stock, and barrel.

My fellow diners went for more breakfast related items. There was the salmon scrambled eggs served with potatoes and the feta cheese omelette served with cherry tomatoes, and an order of fries.

When my meal arrived it was a site for sore eyes. The other plates looked good too but I only had eyes for my falafel. It was a thing of beauty to be sure. To be specific my falafel was served on a pita with tahini, tomatoes, cucumber salad, and amba also with side of fries, cause who doesn’t love fries?

The weight of my pita was what I noticed first and what I was most surprised by. That sucker was packed full. I started slow and ate ever morsel. Each bite filled my spirit and soul with delight. It was authentic falafel in every way. In fact it made the falafel I have been eating and loving taste like cardboard. I might be ruined for any other falafel for life. This traditional meal was by no means average. It was so much more than I could ever describe. No other feta, cucumber, or tomato, may ever make another pita taste quite so delicious. Those skinny fries piled high were also incredibly edible and went down by the handful. I was so fill I barely had any room to sip my water.
As for those egg lovers I was with they couldn’t rave about their meals enough. They went on and on about how these were the best eggs they ever had so much so that I had to finally taste a bite. Wow. I was stunned. They were amazing and the presentation wasn’t half bad either. I am glad I didn’t know how good they were ahead of time; I would have had a hell of a dilemma on my hands.

One suggestion, Barbounia- can you make falafel omelettes? That would be the best combination since peanut butter and jelly. 

According to their website:

“Barbounia is an oasis of modern Mediterranean cuisine, influenced by the food and cultures of Greece, Southern France, Morocco and Southern Italy combined with a beautiful chic ambiance and a welcoming staff.”

I hope my review has conveyed the same sentiments.

As I was getting ready to use the leave I went to use the restroom. Hidden behind thick beige curtains was a Turkish bath appearing room. The blue title that encapsulated the room was divine!! There were the sinks to the left and to the right four individual stalls with doors that read “We, Them, She, Him”. I have never been more moved or impressed with the creativity of a bathroom. It was a great way to say that they are unisex but in this day and age better way to show that they, and us are all equal. This may have been a small thing but put my experience over the top.

Finally having the chance to visit and spend the afternoon in Union Square and at this restaurant was magnificent. It fulfilled a long held dream of mine and it more than lived up to my very high expectations.

Now that I have this meal under my belt made me realize that brunch is a meal I need to incorporate more into my life especially when it is had at this oasis.

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