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For a Cruise with Cookies, Coco, and Carols: "Holiday Cruise”

I am convinced I was an archivist of great merit in a previous life. Hey in this life I am not doing so badly either. Upon review of my seasonally saved emails, doesn’t everyone have that? I discovered an activity I wanted to do this Christmas season. It was something I found out too late about last year to attend and before I knew it, it was that time of year again. So I knew just what to do- a harbor cruise around New York City to see the holiday lights! There seemed no better weekend than Thanksgiving weekend since it is the officially kickoff to the December celebration season.

I had the perfect group with me, my mother, a cousin, and a family friend. We were all in the mood to let loose, be a little silly, and have some much need laughter. The boat left from Chelsea Piers, a place I had never properly explored before. The 1920’s style boat was all decked out in its best holiday décor and the jazz band on board was ready to rock out. The sing along might have been cheesy but it was fun, interactive, and the band was incredible. Good performers one and all.

For the price of a ticket you received a complimentary drink of your choice once on board as well as cookies served mid-tour. For anything else you desired including, another beverage, were available for purchase.  I gladly sipped my glass of champagne as I looked around at my city in all of its glory.

The boat is heated and has numerous tables and chairs. If you can score a window seat you will have the best view but honestly I was able to take pictures without hardly having to get up. The boat’s exterior is glass so you can see all around and above during the ride. The ride itself was pretty smooth so if you aren’t too sea sick sensitive you should be all right.

I was able to see the Statute of Liberty, Battery Park, the Brooklyn Skyline as well as that of all sides of Manhattan. I think being able to go under the bridges gives you a view you don’t normally get any other way. That was pretty cool. Overall the ride was just shy of two hours. That was the perfect amount of time.

Trying to access parking in Chelsea Piers proved to be difficult which is fine because it also was expensive. Since it was a Saturday night the surrounding area was quiet and I got a great spot just across the street.

If you are planning to go this year or next, I strongly advise you get your tickets at least a month ahead of time especially for popular weekends. Tickets are not normally available for purchase on the spot and going forward you will be able to book your seats ahead of time for your entire party.

Another popular holiday event is taking a tour of the Christmas lights in the Dyker Heights section of Brooklyn. They are long known for going above; beyond; and just about anywhere else they can hang lights and decorations. If it isn’t too cold the kids can get out and walk around. You can take the tour through A Slice of Brooklyn or do what true New Yorkers and just drive around.

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