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For The Most Delicious Doughnut , Brooklyn Edition: “Doughnut Plant”

In my very first year of writing this blog I visited a place unaware of just how delicious it would make my life. I can hardly believe it is has been this long since I returned to trace my sweet steps. Even with this time gap my life was changed. I now knew what was out in the world and I couldn’t settle for less. It also began my journey as a foodie. Time sure does fly when you are running a blog tracking down a limitless amount of stops.

That’s why returning to Doughnut Plant was a double sweet treat for me. I am notorious for my loathing of just about anything chocolate. The first and probably only exception is the white chocolate KitKat, which I ate on this Valentines too oddly enough. That is my kryptonite. I would cut off my arm, or at least my pinky that is bruised from an accident earlier in the week, to have one now. Once I had made eye contact with that wrapper it came off faster than Rose Nyland can tell a St. Olaf story.

On Valentine’s Day I was oddly craving something sweet, plus I had just had Vinnie’s Pizza earlier that day so my salt cravings were all taken care of. I didn’t want any old snack to satisfy my craving. I wanted something special.

That’s when I realized I had been dying to for a doughnut. Out of desperation I had one from Dunkin Donuts a while ago and I spit out the only bite I took. That’s pretty bad when I can’t manage to power through eating sugar and carbs. But it was awful. That’s when I remembered Doughnut Plant and that I had been wanting to see their new Brooklyn location. Boom! Problem solved.

Picking out where to go for a dessert worthy of me was much easier than deciding what to get once I was inside. That day it was one of the coldest of the year and I thought I would freeze to death crossing the street and taking a photo. The location is on a small block and designed to be a diagonal space. It is a cool, modern looking facility. Once inside I was surprised how relatively small it was. There were a few window seats, not tables. The biggest space was behind the register where all the magic was happening. It is such a big contrast from the original miniscule shop.

The Doughnut Plant does not make your choice too easy. There are the yeast doughnuts, which are smaller but heavier than the filled doughnuts, which happen to be my very favorite. I went with the vanilla bean filled with blackberry jam, and purchased a tres leches, a blackout (chocolate pudding and cake in batter), and coconut crème for my valentines at home. I then proceeded to run for my life to get back in my car.

Once home I was hesitant to eat my doughnut. I thought of saving it but I was lying to myself. I gobbled mine all up so beyond satisfied with my selection and myself. For the next few days I was annoyed I didn’t buy a dozen for me alone.

The website site this week is showing a passion fruit and pistachio variety which I am sure is every bit as delicious as they sound. I am a nut for just about anything pistachio flavored. Matter of fact a few years ago I had a pistachio cupcake from Sugar Sweet Sunshine bakery in NYC. I still remember how incredibly fresh and flavorful it was.

Now that I had acquainted myself with the Plant that is in my neighborhood it appears I will be coming often in the warmer months. On their website it says:

“During the summer months, we produce our own ice cream, made in-house each week. Served on top of a cake doughnut, affogato with a shot of espresso, or as single or double scoop.”

Um yeah, I will be there a lot this summer. By then I should have lost all of my doughnut eating weight and have bought the stretchy pants I will be sporting proudly into the fall.

Now that I have kept my review short and sweet we have time to discuss the doughnuts that have been missing in my life. I am shocked there are so many. For starters I was devastated to learn that I missed the Donut Fest in both Brooklyn and Chicago this year already!!! My two favorite places and its only February and I am done for. The events were held in January and what I really can’t believe as an avid TimeOut New York and Chicago Magazines reader it escaped my attention. Well that won’t happen again. I have updated all social media so that I am the first to get a ticket next year. You should definitely be the second.

After the manic panicking I did finding out I missed the Donut Fest I learned several important things. First I need to get to Glaze bakery in New Jersey for their rainbow cookie doughnut. Second, I need to go back to Peter Pan (I have sampled their goods at Brooklyn Farmacy) and get pretty much anything I can get my hands on. Thirdly, Orwashers has many doughnuts pumped with jam inside that is made fresh daily. Once that is done I will sit back and digest as I wait for one very important festival I have not yet missed this year. That would be The New York Coffee Festival.

Any of these hot spots can be found by searching the links listed below. In case you are craving more than one kind of doughnut (believe me no judgment) the information will highlight the best destinations to visit in the city I call home.

But for sure when talking about great doughnuts the conversation always goes back to Doughnut Plant, as do I.

For More Information:

For More Doughnuts:


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