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For the keys to my New York City Part V

To Do List Before the End of 2011

The more I explore NYC, the more I realize how much more I still have to see and do just like traveling in general for me. For every place I have been, there are 20 more I am dying to see. So to that end, for NYC, I have made myself a to do list. I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions but these are the things I vowed to myself I would do/try/see by the end of 2011. I hope you follow along with me and as I complete each one I will be sure to post pictures and a review.

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
Death of a Saleman

The Bronx Zoo
Circleline Cruise (of NYC skyline and 5 boroughs)
Wicked Backstage Tour
Grant's Tomb
The Tenement Museum
Teddy Roosevelt House/Sagamore Hill
FDR House/Hyde Park
Vanderbuilt Mansion
The American Museum of Natural History/Brain Exhibit
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
NYC Botanical Gardens/Holiday Train Show

Restaurants (Meals and Desserts)
Serendipity 3
Carnegie Deli
Umbertos Pizza/New Hyde Park
Katz's Deli
Locanda Verde
Rue 57
The Stanton Social
The Palms
Ruth Chris Steakhouse
Cafe Naidres
Doughnut Plant
Rice to Riches
Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory
Butterlane Bakery
Eileen's Cheesecake

Now you see why I continue to live in NYC. Not just because I love it and the opportunities it presents me with but because no job on earth will ever give me enough vacation time to hit up all of the above and then some. It would be nice to travel to other places every once in a while and an absence from this concrete jungle is sure to make my heart grow even fonder.

Since I have showed you mine, now its your turn. What are the places you love to visit and eat in NYC?? What is on your 2011 to do list??


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