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For Putting the Surprise Back in Breakfast: “The Shack Restaurant”

How often are you pleasantly surprised? Surprised that you instincts are accurate? I love the sweet feeling of vindication if only within myself.  

Lately my instincts have been even stronger keeping me right on track. Listening to what my gut tells me has been paying off more and more, but not always in dollars and cents. Finding what you need at an unsuspected time and place is money in the bank.

After a long morning drive I was eager to have my first meal of the day. I hadn’t wanted to stop to eat earlier instead choosing to hit the road and go with the flow of traffic. That was my first smart move of the day. The second was getting off of exit seventy-four of the expressway. 

There was no reason for this choice except that my GPS said I was ten minutes away from my destination but had over an hour to spare. I was starving and finally saw a sign for food that didn’t include a rest stop or a gas station.

Without further direction I made a left turn off the exit and drove down a few blocks to check out the local fare. I didn’t find anything appetizing so I swung around and made a U-turn. After passing yet ANOTHER McDonald’s and trying to accept that might be my fate, I found the true destination that was in store for me.

Enter, “The Shack Restaurant”.

“The Shack” is well known in these parts for their motto “Life’s short. Eat Pie!” Starting from that premise you know you are in for a treat.

From the outside you have no idea what kind of a place “The Shack” is. It is on the corner of a shopping center that looks like it was deserted twenty years ago. The only cars in the lot were near this restaurant. I figured the food must warrant the attention.

As I parked and approached I could smell food, delicious food! I was seated right away and snatched the menu right up. I ordered what sounded like a simple breakfast: eggs, bacon, side of hash browns, and a toasted English muffin. I had already drank gallons of coffee on the road so I needn’t try any here.

The food came in what felt like seconds. The smell was only the first act, how amazing it tasted was a whole other scene. For a girl that almost never finishes an entire plate of anything I eat, I am proudly shouting that I licked this plate clean, in record timing no less. I was full but felt good. I could tell instantly that the food was high in quality as in quantity. Apparently I was the only person spending time in this area unaware of this local treasure. Thankfully I am now in on the secret.

Since I had read their logo on the menu when I arrived I knew the pie here would be the ultimate dish. Sadly I was too full so I didn’t even bother to hear the pie selections. Although when walking by the glass case they seemed to have two or three varieties, any of which I am sure I would have loved. I wish I were going to be in the area again soon because I definitely would have to go back for pie. I suppose now I will have to wait until “The Shack” beckons me back. When that time comes pie will be the first thing I order with a cup of coffee right behind it.

Connecticut, much like me, really does heart “The Shack”. There are three locations in that state, the first of which was opened in 1989.  Exit seventy-four led me to the one in East Lyme.

After my big, beautiful breakfast I got back on the road and headed towards my destination. I was MUCH happier than when I started. This meal was the beginning of an amazing day that I couldn’t have made any better with all the planning in the world. I love lessons that come in the form of delectable meals!

Apparently seventy-four is my new lucky number. And that feels just right.

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