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For My Follow up Visit to “Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria”

Well folks it’s about that time again. Time to talk about yet another pizza place I need to praise. This is hardly surprising considering my last pizza related post was just about a week ago ( Yet here I go again.

Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria is renowned by just about anyone who loves pizza as much as I do. Mainly located in Connecticut, with nine stores, there is also one location in Yonkers, New York.

I have been to this house of the infamous White Clam Pizza before ( Naturally I tried that and a regular pie topped with bacon on my initial visit some four years ago.

This time I already knew I would be eating something I haven’t tried before. When I arrived I was so hungry I could have literally eaten a horse, you know on a pizza.

Once I glanced at the menu it was a no brainer. Lunch/Dinner for two was a medium four-cheese pizza with olives and mushrooms added on. The smell was palpable. I thought I would bust just from the anticipation. The place was hopping but the service was amazing. Everyone was on their A game that day.

As I sat eagerly waiting for my food I was looking around. Something felt off. I knew I hadn’t been here in quite a while but it was like somebody came in and moved the walls around.

On my last visit it was dark out earlier as it was winter and it also happened to be pouring rain and snow everywhere. I thought that was what was making me feel like I was in a new place. It turns out that I felt that way because I was actually in a new place. I looked up the locations on the website and realized this time we were in New Haven whereas before I ate at the pizzeria in Hartford. At least the pizza would be the same and I wasn’t loosing my mind.

When the pizza arrived, which was in less than ten minutes, I was thrilled. The wait was hardly any trouble both to get in and to be served. After one bite the old memories came flooding back and it was better than I remembered! I would have waited two hours outside in the heat for one bite. That’s some real serious love.

In love I certainly was. The thin crust slices appear small and when hungry they get demolished even fast than you realize. Oh I forgot to mention I had already split a Caesar salad. Somehow it didn’t do the trick, but it was good.

Despite its size the weight of the toppings never manages to break through. It is like a barrier between the hot cheeses, mushrooms, olives, sauce, and my fingers getting scolded. At the rate I was eating that was crucial.

Man, this pizza never got old. You know when you have something to eat that’s really flavorful but after a few bites the taste is too much? You are sick of it. Well that never happens here. In fact with only two slices remaining I couldn’t bear to part with it so I began picking at them until there was nothing left but some crumbs. I couldn’t have swallowed another bite. Thankfully there were no more.

As I fought to get my now fat, full self out of the booth I was sitting in, I dreaded the car ride home. All I wanted to do was lay down and go to sleep. This was the strongest food coma I have had but I had to power through it. I would taste the salt in my mouth for days. I cherished each and every one.

Truth be told, when it comes to remembering a meal I have had, sometimes I have trouble remembering the actual taste of food especially if I am writing about a place I haven’t been to recently. What I ALWAYS remember is what I thought and felt while I was there. This is how I know which pizza places are permanently off any future list. That means you Artichoke Pizza (!

According to my current to do list ( there are about five additional pizza places I have yet to hit. That is not including the ones that will catch me by surprise like Corato’s Pizza did in that recent blog. But I look forward to another warm slice of goodness that makes me full while putting a big smile on my face.

Come to think of it, if I am going to officially try every pizza place in the tri-state area, I realize I could actually do that; I might have to consider changing my name to from:

The Queen of F-cking Everything (THOFQ) to

The Queen of F-cking Pizza (TQOFP).

It’s all just a matter of time.

For More Information:

For the Other Frank’s in My Life:

For Some of My Very Favorite Pizzas:


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