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For the Global Variety That is Lay’s Chips “Passport to Flavor”

Oh how I love a self-imposed chip challenge! I even love “making” my friends do it. Well in this case one friend tried three bags of chips. It was suppose to be four bags but one got lost…lost in my stomach. But in my defense they were all different kinds and they were the small bags, you know the ones filled mostly with air? It doesn’t matter anyways. I was proud that I was able to control myself from going back to the store tonight to pick up a large bag of my favorite new chip flavor Greek Tzatziki.

The last time I did a taste challenge was back in March during Lay’s “Do Us a Flavor” ( annual contest for the best new flavors. It was the first time I did my own private taste test to share with the world. Who knew I would be back at it again so soon?

In honor of the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Lay’s has decided to take that inspiration and turn it into four new flavors of their chips. They are: Wavy Greek Tzatziki, Chinese Szechuan Chicken, Brazilian Picanha, and Kettle Cooked Indian Tikka Masala. Like all chip challenges I picked up all four flavors at once at my local Walgreens when I was on a prescription run. I have to give a big up to them for always keeping on trend with their snacks. I am proud to be a loyal customer.

There are some wise people working at People taking every opportunity to take pieces of the world and incorporate them in aspects of everyday life. I will always be on the look out for their next surprises.

As soon as I got home from the store I tore into those bags. I was starving so there didn’t seem any point in wasting time. I tore into the Greek one first. I absolutely adore a good tzatkiki sauce on just about anything I eat so I was assuming this would be my favorite. I took two bites and was in heaven. That bag was gone within about five minutes if not less.

Next up was the Tikka Masala. I adore this dish. It is one of my favorite dishes and the one I always want to eat when in an Indian restaurant. Over the years I have become a huge fan of this type of food. The veggies, the seasoning, the naan pl-e-a-se! I could go on and on.

This chip is a kettle version. That gives it more of a crisper, more fried feeling. The flavor was pretty spot on. It was like I was eating a great meal without needing a fork and knife. The next day they tasted even better to me. It officially took my number two slot.

Bags number three and four were the Chinese Szechuan Chicken and Brazilian Picanha respectively. The chicken chip was wayyyyyyy too spicy for my taste. I had never had that dish so perhaps it is just not the one for me. I don’t know how close the chip resembles the dish but if its any indication I will have to remember to avoid it.

The Brazilian chip was odd. It tasted sort of bland to me with a slight hint of meat on the back end. Again this is not a dish I have ever had but one I could probably stand if I have to.

When my friend tried these varieties she had similar reactions to mine. The Chinese Szechuan Chicken spiciness was too much for her and the Brazilian Picanha was one she didn’t need to try again. I thought she would die for the Indian Tikka Masala since that is one of her ultimate favorite meals in her life. However it fell short of what she thought it could be. Her major disappointment was with me because the Greek Tzatziki did not make it to her. It barely made it to my house from Walgreens.

Lay’s took their “Passport to Flavor” campaign ever further with several contests on their homepage where people can win amazing vacations around the world and even some within the continental United States. See the site for the specifics.

I think the next time I do a taste test I will have to Snapchat it and put a video on my YouTube channel with my reactions. It is time to up my game as well.

While I am at it I would like to say to People Magazine- I am here for it!!

I would make an excellent taste tester. Plus it would look great on my resume.

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