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For Year 6: 2016/2017 To Do List

Well it’s that time of year again. Today is the day I will announce my updated to do list for the coming months. I am a little bit behind because there seems to be more and more places I MUST add. There is so much to do, so much to write about that this priority I fear has been neglected. While always on my mind I wanted to figure out a new way to evaluate the places I want to go and why. Going into the sixth year of this blog it was definitely time to step up my game a bit.

With that in mind, I have decided to change my methods up a bit. This year I am going to separate what remains from last year and what I plan for this year. I will breakdown activities and restaurants by borough and/or state, if they are in the tri-state area. I think this will give me and hopefully you a new perspective when approaching your bucket lists. I hope this makes planning out my time much more easy to be able to look with a quicker glance at what I can do, whenever I am in the area. Yes I do print these lists and carry them on me so that I know at all times if I can slip in a blog post when I least expect it. I love when I can kill two birds with one stone.

My greatest stresses when compiling this annual list is that I will forget to include something. As I prepare for it each year, I start writing down new places to go as I learn about them, send myself activities to accomplish, and printing out exciting new adventures I am already planning in my mind. If I didn’t have to write and the information could just be transmitted from my brain to the blog that would really help me out a great deal. Since that is not likely to happen this week I am forging ahead on my own.

I decided than when I looked at last year’s list and the activities I haven’t gotten to, that somewhere no longer of interest to me. Most had been passed down from one year to the next and often suggested by someone else. I didn’t want to have to feel like I “have” to do things I am no longer interested in simply because they were a bulleted item from another time.

I did the same thing when looking at the restaurants I have listed. I was surprised that I didn’t really have much I wanted to remove. I am taking it as a good sign. I usually am correct when I decide there is a place I want to go to. I am not easily talked into just any meal at just any place. I need the full trifecta of good service, great food, and a well-designed establishment.

Ever since Blackfish debuted on CNN I have been obsessed with orcas and SeaWorld’s miss treatment of them. I have never gone to SeaWorld and now even though I want to see them up close, I wouldn’t dare support that institution. Luckily for me I have found local whale watching tours I plan to take this summer to get my fix. I know that Boston and Vancouver are notorious for their whale watching trips but I hope mine will hold me over until I can make it there.

I have removed the section on plays, concerts, and entertainment from this year’s list. I have nothing on the horizon that I am even remotely interested in. However I am curious about the newly renovated and opened Kings Theater in Brooklyn. Having a world famous venue reopen and attract so many stars has been very exciting for me. I am pumped to go visit and definitely want to see something performed there. I just don’t have it scheduled just yet.

This is the first year in as long as I can remember where there isn’t a play I am waiting around for. I went to Allegiance ( this year and that was good enough for me. I heard rumors about Aaron Sorkin writing “To Kill a Mockingbird” to come to Broadway next year but I am not holding my breath. But if this does happen I will be there on opening night! I kid you not. This is my favorite book and movie of all time. I hope my boy makes me proud.

  2015/2016 2016/2017
Manhattan Harriet Tubman Statute (H) Frederick Douglas Statute (H)
  Harriet Tubman's House Upland NYC
  Collyer Brother's Park Tanner Smith's
  Alexander Hamilton's Grange AMNH- Titanosaur
  Morris-Jumel Mansion City Hall Park Monuments
  Grant's Tomb St. John's Divine Church
Brooklyn Brooklyn Historical Society Kings Theater Tour
    Jackie Robinson Statute (CI)
    Coney Island Museum
    Brooklyn Bowl
Bronx Van Cortlandt House Museum  
Queens Woodlawn Cemetery Whale Watching Cruise
    Ferncliff Cemetery
Outer boroughs Lyndhurst Mansion Boldt Castle
  Jay Heritage Center Pilgram Psychiatric Hospital
    Gold Coast Mansions
  2015/2016 2016/2017
Manhattan Fresco by Scotto Harry's Café and Steak
  Gato Russian Tea Room
  Emmett's Rainbow Room
  Marta's Manhattan Clocktower
  The Frying Pan Edwards NYC
  Kefi Juicy Spot Cafe
  Amy Ruth's Campell Apartment
  Four Seasons Garden Brunch  
  Hill Country BBQ  
  Lasagna Ristorante  
  Hunt and Fish Club  
  Rye House  
  Mighty Quinn's BBQ  
  Black Seed Bagels  
  Beacher's Handmade Cheese  
  Murray's Cheese  
  Sugar, Sweet Sunshine Bakery  
  Sullivan Street Bakery  
  Laughing Man Coffee  
  Levain Bakery  
  Sugar and Plumm  
  Insomnia Cookies  
  Blue Bottle Coffee  
Brooklyn Best Pizza Walter Food’s
  Patsy's Hope and Achor
  Lucali Odd Fellows Ice Cream
    Lefferts House
    Super Crown Coffee
    Hotel Delmano
Bronx   Jake's Steak House
Queens   Sal, Chris & Charlies Deli
    Sorriso Italian Salumeria
Outerboroughs   Sallys Apizza (New Haven CT)

When planning a year the next logical thoughts for me are where I am wanting to go that is outside of NYC? I am now immediately planning weekend trips for me to cross off some other bucket list items. For instance,
I have always enjoyed visiting former presidential homes ( and the two that remain on the top of that list are George Washington’s Mount Vernon and Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. Also the White House but that takes a little more planning.

Speaking of Washington, D.C. the most exciting thing that is happening down there is going to be the opening of the brand new Smithsonian museum: “National Museum of African American History and Culture”. I have literally been waiting years for this museum ( to open and plan to be one of the firsts inside giving my blog an edge. This museum will tell the story of slavery, civil rights, and the progression of African American life in America. There are so many pieces I am anxious to see and I am sure each room will take my breath away. It makes me wonder how we have gone so long without a facility of this kind.

Another museum I am very interested in is the “Museum of the American Revolution” in Philadelphia ( however that will not be opening until 2017.  It will be placed right in the prime neighborhood of Benjamin Franklin’s house, Liberty Bell, and Independence Hall. This is such a thrill for me. Now I have something new to look forward to during my visit next year.

As for travel you will have to wait and read what happens next. I am not giving any hints I want to let this year take me where I am meant to be. This way it will be a surprise for us all. I hope to earn a phrase said to me recently “OMG I AM OVER THE MOON FOR YOU!” Joy plus Joy equals Bliss.

I did decide to mention my favorite blogs of this past year and I have to say I am proud of them all. The most recent story regarding today’s primary election in New York. It turns out that the more personal, series posts are the ones I like the best. I like to encourage and inform people, and I know what it does for me when I share something so elementary in my life.

On the other hand, I am thrilled about having made it to Springwood and Sagamore Hill, visiting the Roosevelt cousin’s peace of heaven on Earth.
Looking back I can see how my predictions ( are coming true. 

Now I can say with confidence that this year is only going to get better and better. I can feel it in my migraine brain, at least most of the time which is definitely an improvement over last year. That’s all that I can ask for, for now. Next year all bets are off.

My Favorite Year 5 Blogs:

For Prior Year Lists:


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