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For the Baby Who Was Celebrated in a Barn: "Black River Barn"

I was certainly not raised in a barn but boy I do like to party in one. I have only learned this about myself recently when I attended my cousin’s baby shower at Black River Barn in New Jersey.

Right off the bat I was intrigued. It didn’t sound like a traditional party venue and I had trouble imagining it. I know my family, especially that side, has great style so I knew it would be a good time. I hadn’t a clue how smart an event I was attending.

As soon as we pulled up I realized how popular this place was. The big red barn is visible from the highway, as you pull in wary of the speeding oncoming traffic in your way. The parking lot was way too full for this to be a one party at a time venue. As I got a closer look I realized it was located near a pond that seemed to be sparkling in the gorgeous spring weather we were having.

The restaurant was filled with their logos and cute sayings all over the walls as well as on the t-shirts they were selling. What I noticed the most was the over powering smell of BBQ ribs and brisket. Without seeing any food I was instant drooling following my noise all around. As soon as I put my phone down I was running back to get it. I knew a photo shoot was about to take place.

The interior of the restaurant was divided into two sections. On the left (if you are just walking in) is the public restaurant side. They appeared to be having a buffet brunch although I am sure the regular menu was available too.

On our side (the right side) were tables and chairs surrounded by tables full of food, decorations, and now presents. The details were small but personal. There was a clothesline full of funny onesies hanging up with clothespins. The theme was centered around bees. At first I wasn’t sure about the black and yellow but the finishing touches were too much. There were the little jars of honey with the mama-to-be’s name on it as our party favors. There was a baby cake of diapers that had honey products on each level and a bee hat on top. The game cards left for everyone also had this original and fun idea. Even when you won a game your present was a mini package of Burt’s Bees products. I mean, come on!

There were even envelopes for us to write our addresses on for the thank yous to make it easier on the guest of honor.

One of my favorite ideas was on the invitation (also adorable but there weren’t any bees on it). It invited us to bring diapers, of any size, and provided a card for your name on it. At the party there would be a raffle and a prize based on the card selected at random from those who gave diapers. What a cute yet brilliant way to give a useful gift.

As for the food, I was disappointed we were not having BBQ but I got over it. There was quite a variety to choose from. There were many kinds of cheese, crackers, olives, fruit, veggies, salad, homemade cheese breadsticks, mini sandwiches, pasta, chicken, and so on. As soon as one tray was empty they were right on top of it with a fresh pan. The service was incredible. They had even pre poured red and white wine glasses that they kept up with as well. There was plenty of water and soda on the tables to fill up the mason jars we drank from. This amplified the country feel. Everything really was adorable down to the every last detail.

As the presents were opened, through all the oohs and aahs, we were served coffee and tea. Instead of one huge cake, there were all miniature size cakes and treats for you to choose from. This was another thing I liked because you had a variety and depending on the cake not everyone might like it. It also avoided having too much left over.

Of course the best part of the day was getting to catch up with family that always comes first. I found out there is another little bundle of joy joining our family this fall. There were very big laughs, serious talks, and what else, pictures. The afternoon flew by.

It was a great way to spend the day, celebrating that little man who is on his way.

I cannot wait to meet my little cousin when he makes his big debut this summer.

I hope he won’t be allergic to bees.

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