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For My Return to the Gutter

In a previous blog from 2013 “For Getting Lucky In and Out of the Gutter: “Lucky Strike” ( I spoke about my first visit to this glamorous bowling alley.

Three years ago, to celebrate my thirty-second birthday, I put together an outing. I had been interested in for a long time, Lucky Strikes. It is a twenty-one and over bowling alley/lounge/billiard room/dance club. It was a perfect fit.

This time it was a surprise party for my best friend to celebrate her thirty-fifth birthday. Since I had already planned one of these outings already I knew the drill. The week before book a reservation after you have nailed down how many guests you are expecting. You will be expected to pay for the lane and shoes the day you book. From there it is up to you whether or not you want to choose which food/beverage plan your party will enjoy. If you do that too will have to be prepaid. Either way you are required to spend fifteen dollars per person on food and drinks. That is easy to do. We waited until we were there to choose what we wanted. It was easier and less stressful that way. You can eat and drink without restrictions.

I remembered how much I loved the food the last time I was there.

“I also MUST mention the food. I have never had such good “bar” food. I thought sliders and chicken kabobs would be good choices but I had no idea we would eat so much or want so much. We had an artichoke spinach dip I want to be smothered in. I to this day am still craving their chicken apple brie quesadillas. It is the best chicken dish I ever ate and if the Food Network calls me I will be sure to tell them so.”

This time there was a brand new menu but the food was still excellent. We had the sliders, chicken sandwich with a side of potato chips a.k.a. small French fries, chips with salsa and guacamole, and spinach artichoke pizza. I think that pizza was the best. It was like dip on flatbread pizza. I could have eaten that all night long. But the sliders are my second favorite. Maybe it is something about food presented as sharable snacks.

The lanes were still fun and still played good music that made you want to dance as you bowled. In fact the man in the lane next to us was having the time of his life. His moves were something I couldn’t get enough of and that is not because they were good. More importantly I think he was sober which leaves me questioning his motives all the more. I could have made another great entertaining night just hanging out at Lucky Strike drinking, eating, and watching that guy dance his ball down the alley. It’s not as dirty as it sounds although I am not against that either.

Bottom line is that we all had another great girls night out at Lucky Strike. It is a perfect spot no matter what your agenda is.

The menu might have changed but Lucky Strikes remains a hot spot for in and for New York City.

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