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For a Pretzel Worthy of Philadelphia: “Pelzer’s Pretzels”

Do you remember being a kid in elementary school when all of a sudden the aroma of burned toast filled the air? For anyone that can relate you know I am talking about the big, soft pretzels that were sold at school. I remember very vividly smelling them as I walked into the auditorium before school started. Despite that unpleasant smell I always wanted one and even though they tasted dry, like stale bread, once I put a ton of that bitter mustard on it, it still went down. Apparently I have been a foodie since before there was such a thing.

I am not really into pretzels as a snack. Not even the ones sold in the chip aisle or that have flavors. For me it is mostly too dry to be appealing. Considering my love of salt I would have thought this should be my ideal snack but alas I always hear popcorn and Doritos calling my name. But I am willing to keep trying until I find the pretzel for me.

When it came time to make my 2015 to-do list ( I referred to a popular reference of mine, Time Out New York. This magazine is an awesome guide of new restaurants, where and what is going on that week, just about anything you need to know if you are in town. I love seeing what their topic is and what new things I will learn. A recent article sent me in search of the perfect pretzel.

Prior to this I had no idea that Philadelphia was the home to the “original” soft pretzels that we have all become familiar with. They are suppose to be better than the ones sold on the streets of New York which happen to taste a lot like those I had in school all those years ago.

Philadelphia is a great city that has many reasons to visit. In fact I am in the middle of writing a blog all about The City of Brotherly Love. There are plenty of food locations on my list but none have pretzels as their main draw. Ironically enough it was Time Out New York that pointed to the perfect Philadelphia style pretzel and it was in my backyard in Brooklyn.

Pelzer’s Pretzel opened in 2012 and is the creation of a couple originally from Philly. When I read the article describing these pretzels my mouth began to water. I also was intrigued by the flavor choices. Thus it was a place I must visit.

When you arrive on this mostly residential block you will smell the dough baking before you even see the small shop. It is at that moment when you will leap inside.

Flavors include: Classic, Everything, Cran-Mary, Jalapeno Cheddar, and last but certainly not least Bacon Cheddar. As if that wasn’t enough you also have to choose between the two customs mustards they offer and sell, Spicy Beer and Champagne Honey.

I went with a plain, Everything, and Bacon Cheddar. I tried both mustards and they were interesting but I preferred the Champagne Honey so I bought a bottle to take home. The pretzels were hot and fresh. The Bacon Cheddar was my favorite pretzel choice although they were all good even the next day. I popped it in the microwave and they came back to life feeling as soft and tasting as delicious as they did the day before. They were so good it didn’t even resemble a soft pretzel that I have ever had before. I love my hometown but I think New York City needs to get out of the soft pretzel game.

For those of you who cannot get to Brooklyn or would just rather have fresh pretzels delivered to your door, I am happy to report that Pelzer’s would ship both their pretzels and pretzel buns nationwide.

There is one more pretzel place in Brooklyn I might write in on my to-do list. They are New York Pretzel and I believe they baked their goods and sold them to manufacturers and schools. According to their website they have been around for sixty-five years. I am definitely feeling the Cinnamon Raisin and Filled Pizza pretzels but the list available goes on and on. Ironically enough I was close to this location when I visited Roberta’s ( back in December. I am only too happy to go back for pizza and a pretzel. Carbs plus carbs equally happiness.

It is with a full stomach that I can report I have had Philadelphia pretzels in Brooklyn and I urge you to do the same.

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