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For a Café That Cares About It’s Community: “Bread Box Café”

As much as I am a planner for all of my activities on a rare occasion I will surprise myself and go with the flow.

You know you are having a good day when it’s been over six hours since you ate and you only recently noticed. For that matter I was out of coffee about as long and only slightly cared.

After our exploration of Roosevelt Island was complete and I hadn’t found any place for my companions and I to dine at, we decided to bit ado and head home. I remembered seeing a café that looked cute in Queens right before you arrived on Roosevelt Island. It is a good thing I took note of it when we happen to pass by. It was where I was destined to go.

I had a great day but now I was hungry, hot, and in need of a break before continuing the drive home. The place we arrived at was the Bread Box Café.

As I walked in I was mid conversation and wasn’t paying attention. I didn’t even notice what the people I passed were eating, which proves my point. I saw there were plenty of people sitting both outside and inside. I took my seat inside and immediately looked at the menu for something refreshing to drink. It was when I saw the Kiwi Lemonade that I sat up to read the menu more closely. I had never heard of this kind of lemonade and it was one of the best things I have ever tasted. It wasn’t overly sweet or bitter. It was perfection in a glass. All of a sudden my hunger level rose.

My instincts told me to go with the Classic Turkey Club with Smoked Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, and Mayo on Ciabbata bread. There were plenty of other dishes that sounded amazing but my stomach kept leaning towards this. I normally eat turkey sandwiches at home so it’s not my go to when I eat out. But I know better than to fight with my gut.

My partner in crime ordered the Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Sandwich served with Eggplant, Arugula, Tomato, and Black Olive Aioli on top with Ciabbata bread.

Both sound simple and that is the way they tasted. I mean this in all sincerity as a compliment. I couldn’t figure out how a relatively plan turkey sandwich could taste so wonderful. It was freshly prepared with only a handful of ingredients. I wonder why when I do this at home it doesn’t have the same result. Never the less I happily wolfed down my sandwich and hand made chips.

As for the chicken sandwich that was a big hit too. Chicken can be so different depending on where you get it from but this was cut thin and cooked properly. It too vanished out of sight rather quickly.

When I sat down and began to research this Café I learned so much so fast. I knew this was a special place even though it wasn’t showboating. They totally should be though.

While I sat at the table that day I noticed that the open doors appeared to have rolling pins on them. They had writing on it but I couldn’t make it out from where I was sitting. Since I was in the middle of deep conversation when I walked in, I didn’t notice until I left that they cover the Café from top to bottom, inside and out. I thought it was a cute touch but I didn’t give it another thought. For a second I contemplating taking out my camera but I was exhausted from my day and so the sight remains in my mind.
But when I went to look online to check this place out I found out a truly surprisingly wonderful reason for all of those pins. The Bread Box Café opened in 2010 and the site prior to this use it was a mechanic’s garage for about fifty years. It was a location in the heart of this Long Island City community.
The community continued to be on the owner’s minds as they joined forces with The New York Foundling Foundation. This foundation goals are to provide services the community needs like education for children in foster care. They have been in operation since 1869. Since the Café and organization linked up, all who donate money to the former will have a pin with their name on it in the later. It is a truly generous and original way to incorporate us with others to do good. After a meal here and a donation there, everyone is getting what they need. You have to feel good about that.
I still cannot believe I did not take not one photo!! That goes to show you how unprepared I was to be wowed. It is so frustrating because I can see the building and my meal so clearly in my mind. I feel like I can close my eyes and reach out to pick the sandwich off of the table. I feel the sunlight beating on me, as it was that day. Yet I also feel the coolness coming from the breeze through the open doors. It wasn’t until today that I realized how much I am still thinking about that Café and that I want to return soon. With that feeling I knew I had to share my find no matter how unexpected this blog found me.

I am trying not to let that fact that I have no photos bother me. Apparently this discovery and unexpected delight will live on in my heart, stomach, and of course with my readers.

Bread Box Café is a place for you to come back again and again, to feel at home out of your home, and to go out with a smile on your face and happiness in your belly each and every time.

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  1. Glad you kept an eye out for us or would of missed this place.


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