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For My Birthday Getaway That Brought Me Back to New England: Part IV/ Rhode Island Food

So now that I had toured my heart out, what was left to do, everyone say it all together: EAT!

It was time for my birthday lunch. I knew just where I wanted to go: La Forge Casino Restaurant. It is a great place in the heart of Newport. I went there the last time I was in town and it is just a local restaurant with a great menu that never disappoints. You never have to wait for a table, the service is great, and the food is delicious. Last time I tried a lobster roll for the very first time and the Food Network recommended this one. It was amazing. This time I went for a burger with avocado. It was definitely one of the best I have ever had. It was moist, not over cooked, just right. It wasn’t anything fancy but when something is done right it is just right. There is nothing better than that. But the part that I loved the most has nothing to do with the food. I love that it is next to the International Tennis Hall of Fame. I had no idea there was one and I haven’t gone inside but that random trivia makes this lunch spot seem more original and special. So now when I say I go to “my” Newport lunch spot you will know what to look for.

After this delicious lunch it was naptime. We were off to the hotel to relax and change for dinner. This was our intermission. I could not wait for act two this was a restaurant I had been reading about for over a month.

My birthday dinner was at 22 Bowen’s Wine Bar and Grille at the Wharf. The Wharf in Newport is like the South Street Seaport in New York City, Chicago’s Navy Pier, and San Francisco’s Pier 39. Each of these water front properties is known are as popular tourist attractions in their own right for the shopping, entertainment, and fine dining they offer.

While it was winter I still intended to have my birthday dinner at the Wharf. It was a weekday so it would be quiet but the lights on the water in this cold, wet, evening still seemed so pretty and elegant in my mind. Plus once I read the menu I was hooked.

Inside the restaurant has all the charm I hoped it would have. There was the dark wood, twinkling lights, and candles everywhere. There was music playing softy in the background. It was just the right atmosphere for a dinner where you can actually here what your cohorts are saying. You can share food, memories, laughs, yet the tables are spread out enough that you do not hear what is going on at other tables. Here too the service was impeccable. That was only to be followed by literally one of the best meals of my life. Ask anyone, how often I have mentioned this meal in the two months since this trip. I have lost count.

So what did I eat that was so memorable? We’ll for starters we shared a Caesar salad.

Then I had my very first bowl of white clam chowder soup. I figured when in Rome……….My God was this goooooooooood!! It might have ruined me for soup for the rest of my life, certainly for this kind soup anyways. I miss this most of all scarecrow.

Next up was the entrée. Truth be told I was already full but this still was exciting. My mother got the grilled filet mignon with whipped blue cheese, and my friend and I both got the chiptole shrimp and linguini. It is hard to say which I liked better. They were both to die for in their own way. I am heartbroken to say I only got maybe a third of a way through mine before I had to admit defeat. I wish I could get some delivered right now. I knew then I would be craving it in the future and there would be nothing I could do about it. I couldn’t get another bite in. I had to save room for dessert. It was my birthday after all.

For the final course we ordered the butterscotch banana cake and key lime pie. As far as the first I have never tasted anything more decadent or necessary. As for the key lime that was the best version you can imagine. But here too we only got a few bites in before it had to be pried from my hands.

After such an amazing dinner and day there was nothing more I could ask for. I was happy to put my head to my pillow and be grateful for all that I had.

Tomorrow would be my last day away. Tomorrow was another day.

For My Favorite Places to Eat in Newport:

Tomorrow- For My Birthday Getaway That Brought Me Back to New England: Rhode Island/Conclusion and Future Itinerary……………………………………………………………………….................


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