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For My Birthday Getaway That Brought Me Back to New England: Part V/ Rhode Island Conclusion and Future Itinerary

On my final day of my vacation I spent the morning driving around Newport saying goodbye looking around for last minute souvenirs. I ended up walking around the Wharf again. This time most shops were closed because it was so early on a weekday but I found it so endearing. By now I had gotten so use to driving around the charming little streets and really come to love the neighbor. It is amazing how fast you can adapt to life some place else. My visit was so short but it remains so close to my heart. I fell in love with Newport and will always have a soft spot for it. It will have to be a place I go yearly.

Among my purchases I got Christmas ornaments of each of the mansions I visited and a bag of coffee, which is some of the best, I have ever had. I will be ordering it when I run out for sure. I also got a picture frame. Frames and ornaments are my go to gifts to bring my trip home with me. They form a unique collection that when put together display some of my most treasured memories. They are also a great way to share my journey.

Even though this trip was over I already have my to do list for next time all set. Part of it is from the itinerary of this trip as I had a list of restaurants and other items in case I had extra time or needed to know something at the tip of my fingertips. I also have a list of the attractions that I wanted to see but knew were closed ahead of time because my trip came later in the year than originally planned. With that being said I know my next trip can’t be later than the first week of November this year. I love thinking that I was in Newport only two months ago and I am already planning my trip back in just a couple of more months.

I am so eager to go I am going to share with you now the top activities and restaurants on my 2013 itinerary.



Mystic Aquarium

         Rhode Island

                  Rosecliff (mansion)
                  Green Animals Topiary Garden
                  Rough Point (Doris Duke house)



Louis Lunch

         Rhode Island

                  Flo’s Clam Shack
                  Clarke Cookie House
                  Tucker’s Bistro
                  Fluke Wine Bar and Kitchen
                  Café Zeida

So that was my birthday getaway that brought me back to New England. I can’t wait to tackle the activities and restaurants on this list soon. Don’t worry I will report back.

For more information to plan your trip:


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