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For Rice Pudding

The only rice pudding I have ever eaten and enjoyed was made by my aunt. It is typical rice pudding with traditional texture and flavor. I love it. Especially, when she puts cinnamon sticks on top. That makes it extra special. That homemade rice pudding is still one of my favorites but now it has a buddy.

Last week I tried Rice to Riches in NYC for the first time. I have to say, I believe it is probably as addicting as drugs. Forget what you think you know about rice pudding. I don’t care if you hate it. You will still love it here and leave wanting more. It is completely unlike anything else I have ever had. You know how they say cleanliness is next to Godliness? Well they lied. Rice Pudding is next to Godliness.

Rice to Riches serves a version of rice pudding that is creamier than typical rice pudding. It tastes more like custard is mixed in. On top of that deliciousness they have the most incredible and creative flavors. They even have seasonal and holiday selections. But what I got, naturally, was what I saw on The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Fluent in French Toast.

Here is the set-up of how my first experience went:

I was walking by when a friend I was with, brilliant as he is, decided to point it out so that I could cross it off my 2011 to do list ( ). We went in and I immediately loved the vibe. The store is so cute and has funny signs everywhere. I love good food promoted with humor. Even if this place wasn’t on my must see list, these signs would have peaked my curiosity. Here are some of the sayings that had me cracking up:

Since I had already eaten like a pig that afternoon, I decided to just get some to go. They give out free samples but I didn’t try any in the store, I wanted to be surprised. Later that evening, I decided to try some. When I took my first bite I was glad I was home alone because I found myself screaming: Oh my God, Oh my God!!! I was so shocked. When a drop fell on the table I was using my finger and licking it off. I would be too embarrassed to tell you this, but if you had tasted this you would understand. No one can judge me until you try some.

I don’t really care for French Toast or rice pudding separately. However, here together, it is simply heavenly. It doesn’t even look as good as it tastes. It is the snack that keeps on giving. Bite after bite you can’t believe how good it is. Even after taking a break to catch my breath and going back to it later on, I had forgotten how good it was.

If I lived nearby, I would be in deep trouble. Needless to say I am going back. You should leave right now!!!

For those who do not live in NYC fear not you can have this magical treat shipped directly to you!!


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