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For Five Guys


I am apparently one of the few people who have never had either Five Guys and or Shake Shack. I am proud to say I can now check Five Guys off my list.

These types of up- and- coming burger chains were never really my thing, even though I heard about how delicious they are. I actually only finally caved in and went to one because it was convenient and I was curious. What I didn’t realize was that I was entering into a whole new world that I was not prepared for. I thought I would just get a burger, take a picture, and leave. But there was…how shall I put it…a learning curve.

When I ordered a cheeseburger with mayo, lettuce, and mushrooms, that’s what I thought I was getting. Instead, I got a double cheeseburger inside the foil package. The burgers were fused with cheese and now one with each other. It was so hot the cheese was melting and pouring off. I didn’t know Five Guys was taking a page from Starbucks and creating their own language here, with “little” meaning just one burger. I had better communication in France. I looked all around and I was the only one confused. Apparently I  got what I ordered.

The meat for the burger has an unusual quality about it especially for a chain restaurant. I heard it compared to what fast food used to taste like before they became all scary looking. Upon my first bites, I didn’t detect any specific spices or seasonings that made it special. But special it is. It is almost indescribable. It is juicy, fresh, and melts in your mouth. I am not really a burger person especially without the fixings and fries. For me that’s the best part. This place is the total exception to my behavior. I could eat this burger with a fork and be completely satisfied. That is no small feat and I was in love instantly.

Fries are like currency here. No matter what size you order, there are another twenty dumped into the boiling brown paper bag with the grease and steam eating through it. These fries are so incredibly salty you should probably take a water pill before you go. I had pictured a large fry coming in a carton like McDonald’s would have and certainly didn’t expect the enormous soda plastic cup full of fries. While they tasted delicious, my only complaint was that they were way too salty. The salt here is like sand it sticks to everything. ! I am still finding salt on the bottom of my purse. I needed a wipe afterwards like I had just eaten BBQ. This is not a place to wear light colored clothing. 

I loved that there were bags of potatoes all around and an actual sign saying where the ones they were frying that day came from. It was certainly interesting. Speaking of the atypical, where do the peanuts come in?? ? I didn’t even notice them at first until I saw someone eating peanuts from a paper tray like it was an appetizer. Then I saw the plain barrel that contained them, but what does this free snack have to do with burgers and fries?? Just when I thought I had a handle on this place, I was lost all over again.

During this experience all I kept thinking was who are these five guys and why do they want to serve me burgers and fries? I suppose I should do some research. Or maybe I prefer the mystery.

I guess the only thing to do now is to try Shake Shack and compare.

What are you opinions of Five Guys??? What do you normally order?


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