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For Witches, Goblins, and Everything That Goes Bump in the Night: “Happy Halloween 2015”

I had a really, really great day yesterday. It was perfect. I did what I wanted when I wanted. I had no real time constraints or obligations to fulfill which is a rarity for me most weekends. All I had planned was to eat, play, and relax. Oh what a truly sweet day it was.

For starters, I had brunch at a new place, new to me that is. It was amazing. But that story will have to wait until I finish this post. For now I want to discuss how I spent Halloween 2015.

After a brunch that was so good I almost forgot what day it was, I was off for a nice drive in that gorgeous weather to catch up with those who were ready to trick or treat.

There are two types of people that are the right age to celebrate Halloween. I figure you are either a kid going out to score some candy or an of age adult going to a party. I think for me the latter was more fun. As a kid I only remember a handful of Halloweens. I know they began walking around my neighborhood and ended with me dumping all of my candy out on my porch’s floor to see what I got. My parents had our friends over who we would always spend the day with. Back then it was not nearly as motivated by advertising.

Since my youth I had the fun times in college and parties with friends. Those were certainly worth getting dressed up for. But now there is nothing better than celebrating with the little ones in my life. Seeing the excitement in their faces as they walk around showing off their costumes brings me a lot of joy. The kind of joy that is innocent and ever present, that is the best kind of course.

After a wonderful day out it was time to play with some silly string, make a mess and have a dinner of kid friendly foods that included “mummy dogs” that looked more like candy cane pigs in a blanket. I was happy to get the Cheetos out of the candy bags while the kids were solely focused on the chocolate.

Two things struck me while I walked and talked with my friends while we took the kid’s trick or treating. First that it was a beautiful day in my neighborhood and I was out enjoying it. I never take those priceless moments for granted, certainly not this week as I had been suffering many days earlier with a chronic migraine that didn’t want to break. Not only was I out and about feeling good I also was out not sweating. For me that is everything. For once I looked and felt like everyone else and because it doesn’t ever hardly happen I was thrilled. But I am always entirely prepared to be different both with treatment plans and a confident attitude.

The second thing that occurred to me was that Halloween is a holiday with the same problems that can happen on Valentines Day ( If you aren’t in a couple out on the town it can be depressing. For some they don’t see that it is a day to celebrate love, those who love you, and those you love. Halloween is no different. If you do not have children or fun plans it can seem like another Hallmark holiday. But there are still ways, even some small that we can all take advantage of. Even if it’s just stocking up on mini sized candies. I have already gone through two bags of pint size Starbursts and am craving more. I guess next year I will be ringing doorbells with the kids instead of just being the photographer on stand by.

Being surrounded by all those excited kids, walking around seeing such creative costumes and parents dressing up, there was cheer clearly in the air.

The most popular house was giving out candy for the kids and small cups of wine for the adults. Needless to say they were probably the busiest block in Brooklyn.

On a day that is dedicated to what scares and haunts us, I felt nothing of the kind. Yesterday I just wanted to be happy. Luckily for me I was and am still sporting my smile despite being candy-less.

Hal-o-ween 20-15 was a huge success. Bring on the holiday season!!

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