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For My Blog's 3rd Birthday

On March 2, 2014 my blog turned three years old. I can’t believe it. Half of me feel like it has been twice that long and the other half feels like that were just yesterday.

I hardly know what it means at times especially after long periods of withdrawal from writing. Even when I know what I will be writing next and have the words in my head, there is something about sitting down and the act of writing, or I guess actually for me typing, out what I think. It is a concentrated process and an intuitive process at the same time. There are parts I know I want to include and at the same time I don’t know how I will describe the places I have been or the experiences I have had.

As of late ( had questioned internally what would it be like if I just stopped writing this blog? Would it matter? Would it matter to me? Since my goal and first priority was always to write for myself I wondered if after I made just a permanent decision to stop would I regret it? Would it alleviate self-induced stress?

Again and again the answer remains no. Sometimes I am not in the mood or it seems too hard but at the end there is always joy. There is always a natural high I get and after I write one blog I have an urge to write another. Practice makes perfect. I know I am nowhere near perfect so I must live to write another day. More importantly I must go out and seek new experiences and cross things off my to-do list and places to see before I die, so that I may write endlessly until I can no longer. That is my new goal.

It is with this recommitment to writing in mind that I have decided to focus on writing several vacation series this year, thus sharing my affinity of certain cities and the best places for you to seek out should you go. In years past I have written about my trips to places like Memphis ( Rhode Island ( I will continue to write about the places I travel this year. I am very happy to report there will be vacations on my horizon this year a feat I was not able to accomplish last year due to my chronic migraine illness. It was the first year I had not gone anywhere since 2006 and that stung. But now I am looking up and onward.

In terms of vacation series I will also be looking back at places I have been because I have so much to share. I will also continue writing my annual N.Y.C. to-do list, which will actually be the next blog that I post. I think it’s important to have places in your own backyard you want to visit as well as those away. It helps keep me focused, active, and connected to current social culture despite my love of visiting historical sites. I have recently discovered how much I truly love having my hand on the heartbeat of the world for big stories and small pop icon matters. For to be the Queen of F-cking Everything one must be on top at all times. I never waver.

When my thoughts turned to this anniversary I decided to see what the traditional anniversary gifts are for three years. The answer: leather. How specific and quite random?

I never call these blogs anniversary blogs because it’s not something I am celebrating with someone else. Rather it is something I feel I created, something I birthed into being. But I don’t know any lists that have traditional third birthday presents. I have gone to third birthday parties and I know that the kids I love that turn three and are turning three seem to have done so in a flash. In some ways I guess I know how their parents feel but at least when I am up writing in the middle of the night its quiet.

I did not splurge on any leather pants for this birthday, although a leather bag might be nice, and instead think I will just add more money to my vacation fund and appreciate 2014 even more for the year it is turning out to be for me.

The traditional fourth anniversary gift is fruit and flowers. I must get started deciding on what Edible Arrangements basket I will send myself. It will be the perfect gift for such an occasion as I celebrate and take time to reflect and sit down to write that blog.

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