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For "Blurred Lines"

Robin Thicke and I did not fall in love at first sight. Actually it would take several years and a near physical encounter for me to fall for him. But once I did I have to say I fell hard and now I can’t even imagine that I ever lived a life without his music. It just seems silly. But so my story goes.
It was late fall/early winter 2009 to the best of my recollection and Alicia Keys had just released her “Elements of Freedom” album. As any smart New Yorker knows you go right to J & R on the day the album drops and you get the music you want at a price you can’t beat. So that was the plan. A couple of my closest coworkers and I headed to the store on our lunch hour only to discover the store was mobbed and there were several huge SUVs outside. Considering the neighborhood we were in and that this store has artists coming in to sign new albums all of the time it was no big deal. It just so happens that as we were approaching the rear of the store where my prize laid, the tables were being set up for that day’s event, I just didn’t know or care at that point. I just wanted my music.
So picture this:
A man I don’t know is taking a seat behind a table with the blue J & R logo on it with some screaming fans now approaching. I have cut off the line because I was here first. More importantly I discover that right behind this man’s head is the CD I long for. Figures- a brand new album and there is not even one in the front of the store. I am annoyed and in a rush and I can’t believe he is in my way. Since I am unaware of who he is I am unfazed by the commotion.

It is after I reach over his head for my purchase that my friend says “hey that’s Robin Thicke”. I say: “Who? Alan Thicke’s son”- totally kidding. Actually he is. I snap a quick photo with my cell phone, you know the normal kind I wish I still had that closed and opened and only was a phone, and walked off. I wish I still had that photo but I deleted a few days later because I still didn’t know who he was besides a singer that I didn’t care about and the son of a use to be famous guy.
Fast forward to March 17, 2010. I know the date because I remember it was St. Patrick’s Day and there were drunks spilling beer on me at Madison Square Garden. This was the day I was going to see the latest Alicia Keys concert, a very strong passion of mine ( Robin Thicke was the opening act. Again, I was on the fence. I did not know any of his music so I could take him or leave him. I just wanted to see my girl Alicia. It is rare that an opening act is what is drawing you in.

But my friends, yes the same coworkers from the J & R store, were with me and excited. In preparation they gave me some of his CDs and the only thing I heard the whole time is what I call “lalalala”. His voice sounded so high to me and I wasn’t connecting to it at all. 

Then it was time for Robin to do his thing. Boy I couldn’t have been more surprised. There is something to be said for seeing a show live, any show. But seeing Robin Thicke perform is another thing entirely. I have great respect for him as an artist because he is a singer, songwriter, and musician. That is a very rare combination especially these days where YouTube can make you a star.
Once he was on stage with his band I was totally into it. His music crosses many genres and he kept my total attention from the heart-felt ballads he wrote for his wife to the funky dance songs. He put on a great show and was so entertaining. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. Yet at this stage we weren’t in love. We were in like. (Needless to say the Alicia Keys portion of the show was to die for).
My love and obsession with Robin Thicke began when I purchased his latest album this summer. Normally when one or two songs are popular I never ever buy the whole album. But I hit a sale and I just had a feeling I wanted it. I always trust my gut. This is one of perhaps four albums I have ever owned in my WHOLE life that I listen to from beginning to end over and over again and can’t live without.
This new album, “Blurred Lines” is a compilation I feel of music from all generations. It flows so naturally and I find myself singing and moving to the music no matter when I put it on. I don’t even have to be in the mood to hear it. I am always in the mood once it is on. It is simply that good. His lyrics are just as important as the beats themselves and that is a big part of what moves me. I know that he writes what he feels and there are many themes about life we can all relate to. While the namesake song I find delightful and fun, the song that moves me the most is “The Good Life” and is one I featured in a recent blog 

I first listened to “The Good Life” when it came on my ipod and I was on the bus ride home after work. I was in terrible pain from a migraine I was enduring and it was like all of a sudden the lyrics were speaking directly to me. I had it on repeat for about an hour, until I got home, and now I listen to it anytime I need to be reminded “life takes you up and down and life spins you all around………..I am as good as I can be”. There is something comforting about that. It soothed my head and heart all at the same time. Before you know it the song is over and you need to hear it again. It is a natural high. I wish part of my job were to sing this out loud because I feel an urge every so often.
So it was at this point when I fell in love with Robin Thicke and p.s. I will gladly take what Paula Patton no longer wants.
Anyway I became aware of his 2014 tour sometime late last year and once I did I had an instinct to see him perform right away. He was only having one show in N.Y.C. and I needed to be there. As more time passed the more urgency I felt to buy my ticket. I had to hear this album, had to hear him, had to see him. In some way he had become a spiritual beacon and entertainer all in one. I would not relent until my friends and I were officially going.

On March 7 of this year (me and Robin have some kind of destiny with March) the concert was upon us. I was so anxious all day.
There were two opening acts for this show, D.J. Cassidy and K. Michelle. I had not heard of either and I think both performed way too long for their slot but were tolerable. I don’t know how this D.J. Cassidy became so famous but it is a career I am going to look into. I wonder what the salary is like because all you have to do is play other people’s music for an hour, shout some sayings to get the crowd pumped up, and dance around. I did that and I paid to get in not the other way around.
As for K. Michelle apparently she is some sort of reality star but I have not heard of her and that is saying something. I watch “The Soup” on the E! Channel for goodness sakes and they make me aware of shows that are on other planets it seems. Any who, she sang for almost an hour and that was more than enough of her for me. What I remember most is that she was wearing a leotard with long sleeves, combat boots, and NO pants. I don’t know what about her persona or songs forbade her to wear pants but it annoyed me. I knew she was my last barrier to Robin and that was annoying me further.  
When the big moment finally came he burst onto the scene with “Give It 2 U” and everyone was on their feet instantly!! He segued through some of his older hits as he has been writing music for himself as well as other artists since he was sixteen. A song I had not heard before but loved was “Dreamworld”. It spoke of all of the qualities that a perfect world would have such as racial equality, environmental consensus, and overall harmony.
Then there was this amazing group moment. Robin was talking about love and the important people in our lives and getting to a song I knew he would have to sing because it is a mega hit but would probably hurt considering his personal life, but he needn’t have worried we were all there to help out. We all did such a great job singing along he made us do it twice. But he is still the master.
This is the ultimate love song and you really do need to hear it from him:

After that I was in such a groove I wanted to keep singing and rocking back and forth all night long.

My only negative comment is that after waiting for what felt like ions for Mr. Thicke I wish he could have sang for at least another half hour. I felt like our time together was too short and I have seen or perhaps gotten use to headliners performing for at least two hours before their encores start.
Even though I never got to hear the song I longed for, the song that feeds my soul, I ended up getting what I wanted out of the experience. I got out, had fun and many laughs, to say the least, with my girls, and got to see Robin Thicke perform finally as all the others have always seen him, as a fan in the audience.
Even better than that he began to sing his last song by saying he wanted to “blow the roof off the place” and followed that up by singing my three favorite words: “HEY HEY HEY”!!!

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