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For a Bar That Finally Unites All That We Have in Common: “Hudson Common”

On March 19, 2013 it came in third on Zagat’s list of the must try beer bars in an article that appeared in Time Out New York Magazine. Right off the bat that is amazing. There are more bars than I can count in New York City and most of time you could live without them. Most I wish I hadn’t gone in, especially the bathrooms. Ugh.

Well back to the pleasantness. Hudson Common was a bar I had never heard of and actually I had missed this article in the original running of this magazine. I find it ironic that I ended up going there anyway because I always have loved Time Out New York Magazine and it always recommends the same places I am interested in. This was a good sign of things to come.

In this brief mention it is promoted as an indoor version of a beer garden with cool couches and furniture to hang out on and around. During the summer there is an outside patio and garden for a more backyard theme. On the inside there is a walk-up window where you can place individual orders of their gourmet bar foods and their old school themed cocktails. It is casual yet chic. It sounded unlike anything I had ever heard of and I was intrigued. 

I was drawn to this location for my brother’s twenty-sixth birthday. It seems like it was just yesterday we were at The Darby celebrating his twenty-fifth ( Where does the time go?

Normally I would pass on the traditional bar experience for two reasons. First of all, I am a chronic migraine patient and cannot have alcohol with my daily preventive medication. Second, being around the smell of alcohol in close proximity is usually a migraine trigger. Plus nowadays it is not my preferred way to spend a birthday. But since this was my brother and this sounded like a great time I was game. After I looked it up I had no idea this would be a place worthy of a blog! But as a New Yorker far be it for me to withhold excellent information in our fair city from my readers.

Hudson Commons is located in the Hudson Hotel a very posh N.Y.C. palace to hang out in, have a party, or spend the night. I had never been before but when we pulled up it appeared to be the place to be. It felt like there were a million parties going on at the same time but there are really just separate areas of the hotel with different bars for different venues. Even when I left around one-thirty a.m. (this area was closing at two a.m.) the whole hotel was still buzzing with people coming in and out. Apparently it was where the cool kids of all ages go.

Overall it was a great experience. The music was loud but generally good. Since we were there for a birthday and had reservations we had a couch in the back so we were able to put our stuff down and even sit if we wanted to. While it was crowded this place is massive so there was plenty of room for dancing too. The bar was extremely busy but parties have their own bartenders so they got attention faster. I imagine if I could afford it I would love to rent out the entire place for a big affair.

As for that food counter I was all about it. Just because I couldn’t drink doesn’t mean I couldn’t eat. I ordered their signature gourmet fries cooked with duck fat and sea salt that came with truffle mayo or Velveeta cheese on the side for dipping. I also got honey maple fried chicken that came with a homemade biscuit. That was their special that night, my friend and I was sharing and although this would ordinarily be a hard thing to split it was actually quite easy because both were so incredible delicate, fresh, and broken apart like fresh butter. All of the food was amazing and the fries were piled so high we were able to share with everyone. I have to say sitting there nodding along to the music, eating my chicken, taking pictures, watching everyone have fun was really the highpoint of my night.

The path that led us to the Hudson Commons was a first. It was a new party planning website (new to us, link below) that took all of the stress away. Normally when you want to invite a large group to an outing, especially in N.Y.C., especially around the holidays, it involves putting a large deposit down, or too many risks of no one showing up. Here the experts help recommend a place, take care of all the reservations including providing your coordinator at your location. With one click your event is done and you never had to stress. Even better it is all done for free. It is like getting your birthday wish before blowing out any candles.

For a party of your own:

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