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For a Day All to Myself

There are some days I just don’t want to get out of bed. Then there are the days where I simply can’t because of my migraines. Then there are the days where I know once I force myself out of bed the only thing I have to do is relax. Those days are few and far between but not only are they well deserved they are planned. They are for me and me alone!

I crave days like this. They are pure joy and by the end of them I feel like one big pile of melted butter. My one and only must on a day that I designate solely for me, is a massage. But not just any massage. I treat myself to Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas. This is an all out extravagant purchase. On this day nothing is to get in my way. I will not drive, I will not interact with anyone unnecessary, there is no work to be done, no dietary restrictions, or anything that requires any kind of exertion whatsoever.  I am only to reconnect with my soul and allow my body to finally rest, relax, and recharge.

Now right off the bat this may not seem like such a big deal. Plenty of people go for massages and go on with their lives. But for me this is usually only a place I go, at most twice a year. I usually get gift cards from my generous and good gifting family and friends and it is a present I cherish. It is a gift that keeps on giving ( giving. Who doesn’t like that? The answer is no one!

What I like best about the Red Door Spa is that it is on Fifth Avenue right in the heart of the shopping district of New York City. That are is always packed fill of people and noise. But once I open that large red door and enter inside it is like falling through the looking glass. I am in an entirely new world and it keeps getting better and better. As I change into my robe and slippers and hang out in the relaxation room and causally breeze through several magazines, I carefully sip my cucumber water of which the glass now appears too heavy to hold. Thankfully there is always someone to take it from me. Before I have any treatment most of the work is already done and from the depth of my being I feel a cry- PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME GO HOME EVER!!!

Then it’s off for my favorite massage, a Desert Hot Stone. It is a classic massage that then has hot stones rubbed all over your body to enhance the relief. It is a work of God. By the time I have to leave the room, between the effects of the massage, the dim lighting, soft music, aromatherapy, I am practically catatonic.

I love when the therapist tell you to take it easy and make sure to go back to the relaxation room and rest up before getting changed and leaving. That is the worst part. How do I know it’s time to go? Mostly I know when to go because I am going to miss my bus and I know I am going to need enough time to hit up the gift shop first to make as big attempt as possible to bring whatever just happened here home with me. Spoiler alert- it won’t work, despite the amazing products.

Despite the hordes of tourists my favorite time to come to the spa is in December, but obviously not because of the people watching. I love to see all of the holiday lights. This is among the world’s most beautifully lit streets at this time of year and as a native New Yorker it is when I take the most pride in my city. As I leave the spa with a fresh outlook on life and full of peace, I walk down the street listening to Christmas music (and blocking out other noise) and a smile forms on my face to see the glowing lights sparkle. It is my version of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”.

The word ‘pamper’ is among my favorite in any language. Just getting a pedicure puts me in a better mood. But after my spa day I am more than just relaxed, I am nourished back to life. Every time I go I am always surprised by just how much. It seems to get better and better. The really great news is that they have so many locations nationwide that you can find one to try just about anywhere. I strongly suggest you do.

Whatever it is you do for yourself it is important to make sure to make time for yourself.  As I sit here and write this I guess I didn’t realize how much I could really use some time to unplug my mind, body, and soul. Today I could really use a massage.

Quality alone time is of course more than the time, it’s the mindset. It is putting yourself in the space to treat yourself well, to give yourself permission to be spoiled for a job well done no matter what it is that you are doing. If you are working forty hours a week, you need to unwind and focus on yourself for once. If you are a parent, you need to refocus on your needs in order to go back to your family energized for the following week. It doesn’t matter who we are or where we are coming from, loving ourselves comes in all forms. (

For me one very important way is definitely with a day all to myself.

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