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For Creative Ice Cream Sandwiches: “Coolhaus”

When I was a kid, I could tell summer was approaching by one very specific sound, the bell of the ice cream truck. I could hear it from blocks away and all the kids on my block could count down to when it was close enough to ours so that we had enough time to go and beg for money from our parents. We had such a good system in place that we knew one kid stopped and held the truck from leaving the block until everyone was back waving their dollar in hand to collect their treats. Once victory was ours there was no better feeling. It was the moment we waited for all day. Then about two hours later once it was dark, poor Mister Softee would drive by but that never had as much appeal as being able to score a Bubble O’Bill or Fat Frogg off a truck that had Good Humor products. I also remember eating an ice that was shaped like a vampire and turned my mouth all red and black. I still miss those products and search for them in vein.

Today’s generations have it so much easier. There are so many things that I did not grow up with: cell phones, the internet, but even something small like food trucks are so life changing nowadays. I initially fought the idea of food trucks because when I was a child there was only one kind, and that was the men on the streets of New York selling what us natives call “dirty water dogs”. I knew better than to eat those.

But times they are a changing. Now we can get fancy items like tacos, pizza, grilled cheese, cheese steaks, fish, and of course your choice of desserts. Each category of food is not even in its traditional form. Every company is out to outdo the other in terms of creativeness, diverseness, and deliciousness. For the consumer this is only a plus. I have learned to heart the land of growing food trucks everywhere, especially in my own backyard.

Recently while I was searching for another kind of food truck, I actually stumbled upon my newest addiction to my food truck collection, “Coolhaus”. They are the geniuses behind what they define on their website as:

“Cool house, isn’t that what you are eating- an ice cream sandwich deconstructed into a cookie roof and floor slab with ice cream walls?”

There is no better way I can explain it to you.

When I starting reading the website I was automatically hooked, you get to pick your choice of homemade cookie and fill it with your choice of their homemade ice cream. Now that’s all fine, good, and common. But what makes them stand out even more is not that they are doing this on a truck but the flavor choices for both the cookies and the ice cream. How often do you see red velvet cookies and candied bacon ice cream on the same menu? I never have. The menu options and pairings appear limitless. They also sell some candy and other sweets on the truck but I was going for my one and only kind of ice cream sandwich that I was going to design all by myself.

When I went a few weeks ago it was a day much like today in N.Y.C. The heat was sweltering but I braved it anyways because I was tired of waiting to go there and I could really use a cold treat. I knew I would have to eat it fast so that I got to it before the weather did but I was okay with that.

During my ten minute walk to the truck I was anticipating my choice and debating with my friends what we each would get. It appeared as though no one could make a decision and stick with it. When we arrived at the truck there were only a couple of people ahead of us online. Naturally I began taking pictures while my friends starting ordering. To add to the mix of confusion the truck had additional flavors of both cookies and ice cream that were not on the website. I was not prepared for this monkey wrench to plan! Oh well I was the last of our bunch to order and in my panicked haze I shouted out the first thing that came to mind: potato chip and butterscotch cookie with bananas foster ice cream. I wasn’t even sure if that went together but I liked both things so I went for it. My three partners in crime all got red velvet cookies, one had chocolate ice cream and the other two went for the aforementioned candied bacon ice cream.  I heard no complaints. Actually I heard nothing at all.

I rushed to take my photos and then rushed even faster to choke down my food before the heat and my friend finished my delicious mess before I did. I needed a baby wipe for sure afterwards but it was sinfully good. I mean next to Godliness. My cookie was so fresh and soft it was actually crumbling into the ice cream. It tasted just like the flavors it was named for but wasn’t too salty or too sweet. The ice cream was even better, rich but creamy and smooth too. It was the best combination I could have ever picked let alone picked by accident. I have ordered bananas foster dessert in New Orleans in the restaurant it was born in and if I closed my eyes that was what this ice cream tasted like.

I never wanted it to end. But sadly it was all over in a flash. Speaking of flash this is the part of the story where I am walking back to my building and as my reward for braving the heat I get to endure flash flooding. The heavens opened up and it began to rain as though the world was ending and I should have been with Noah on his arc. I was so soaked I thought I would never be dry again. It was disgusting. I would have been beside myself except that it was worth it. I would say I would do it again but I hope next time the weather and God are on my side. I have a feeling he was just jealous that day.

Although there is something to be said for pouring rain to remove any lingering stickiness on your hands from too much dessert. I didn’t need the wipes anymore that’s for sure.

Since I have embraced all things food truck related and am feeling ice cream in my blood, my next triumph shall be the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. I have had a date with him in my dreams for quite some time. A Salty Pimp shall be mine!

I still see Mister Softee drive by and I feel sorry for him. Then I wish it was a Coolhaus truck and I feel sorry for myself.

As the saying goes, "We all scream for ice cream". Now start screaming for Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches.

For Coolhaus trucks and in a store near you:

For more information:


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