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For Eileen's Extraordinary Cheesecake

Like these ladies I adore a good cheesecake. I could eat one everyday if it were around. Luckily for me it isn’t. I simply can’t afford to buy two seats every time I want to fly.

I am not really someone who craves sweets. But cheesecake has a richer, heavier, quality. It is typically made with cheese, cream cheese, but a cheese none-the-less, which my salt seeking self just aches for. Unfortunately not all cheesecakes are created equal. If it is too dry or too heavy it can be ruined quite easily. There is almost nothing worse than taking a big bite of something that looks like heaven and tastes like hell.

I eat at Junior’s restaurant ( quite often and am a fan of their cheesecake. Last year I went to Carnegie Deli ( their cheesecake was even better. But a friend of mine had been telling me, rather taunting me, about Eileen’s for over a year. Every time he has a special occasion it is the cake he buys and the cake he wants. It has been on my to-eat list for a long time.

Since I have been following them on Twitter, I receive almost daily messages begging me to come to the shop for some goody or another. That was it. A girl could only take so much. Fine Eileen I give in. Finally I went. 

Now reflecting back a few days later I am actually I am surprised I left. It is kind of like an urge someone in need of money feels to rob a bank. I felt a need to take all of the cheesecakes and no one would get hurt. So what if afterward I wouldn’t be able to see or feel my feet?  Who needs them anyways?

I will start by saying the shop is adorable and decorated with lots of memorabilia from all of the celebrities who have visited along with cheesecake images. Although it is small there is a decent amount of tables and chairs for those wishing to enjoy their treats immediately. I was one of those patrons.
Another plus was that although the large, regular size cheesecakes looked delicious I didn’t really have a “need” for them. I loved that they had individual mini sized ones. They also served coffee. So I ordered an iced coffee and a mini cherry cheesecake and sat down with my friend to see if all his bragging was worth it.

After I came up for air, and acknowledged he was right, I also had to acknowledge my surprise. This cheesecake was not at all what I expected. It was light! And fluffy! The graham cracker border was dominant but not dry. Both parts were equally enjoyable. My friend tells me I that the larger ones are denser and have less graham cracker taste because of their size, which makes sense.

I was thrilled with my treat. Having just had lunch I didn’t need something weighing me down, as a normal cheesecake would have. Most importantly, the richness was not sacrificed, despite the more airy feel. So I was able to complete my dessert and still able to get up and move without the aid of others. What a concept!

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  1. Can't wait for my birthday, maybe I will get one. lol


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