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For My Blog's 1st Birthday

I have been fighting a terrible sinus infection all week. This on top of my migraines makes my head feel like a punching bag. It makes sleep all but impossible. When I can’t sleep my mind races thinking just about everything and anything. This is when I am the most in the mood to write, when I am trying to relax and force all thoughts from my brain. In this manner I am my own worst enemy. I have always been that way. As a child, I could never do homework ahead of time. I always had to wait for the last minute. I needed the rush of the pressure mounting, knowing it was due tomorrow. As I got older and went to college it got worse. I needed to know it was due in two hours. My thoughts were always clearer that way. I could memorize material better. All of a sudden I could focus. It feels like reverse A.D.D.

This week as I lay in bed listening to the hum of my humidifier, I began to reflect on this past year. I realized it was the first week of March already and that meant my blog was turning 1 year old.

Since I am a sentimental woman I closed my eyes and thought back to another week in March when I was up late. The one last year when I couldn’t sleep and couldn’t figure out quite what was nagging at me until I opened up my laptop and typed in two words that changed my life: “For Starters.” (To start at the beginning

After that the first three blogs came pouring out of me in a matter of minutes. It was only then I was able to go to sleep; once pen had been put to paper so to speak. I knew there was no turning back and I didn’t want to. As I wrote on my six month anniversary ( writing this blog has shaped the way I have come to view what I thought was just my hobby. Things that I thought I just did in my spare time. Advice I didn’t think people needed or that I didn't need to share with every fiber of my being. But I did.

I suppose the simple version of the story is that I was coming upon my 30th birthday and slowing loosing passion for the real life job I actually had. But it is more than that. Since I was a child I have dreamed of being only two things in my life: a writer and a photographer. When I played house I was a writer even then. This blog is a way for me to be both of these immediately and to my heart’s desire.

As for the story of the blog, I write the topics as they float into my mind and as I attend shows, concerts, etc. In July after much protest, I learned the magic and addiction of Twitter. Now I am hooked and drain my Blackberry battery daily. It helps be stayed informed about what I love and share it with others. Sadly in this day and age I could not live without it. Next up, came the Facebook page. While this is not used as often as my Twitter feed or my blog site; I have come to see this as another tool to connect with others and share what I find news worthy.

As for the future, I hope to begin work on a website soon that will allow a more elaborate connection of media, entertainment, news, travel, food, and the adventures I hope to go on.

There are so many more topics I have yet to share. I feel like there is never enough time. But I will keep plugging away because there are too many great things to do that I simply can’t keep to myself.

My next few blogs will contain the list of things I hope to see, eat, and accomplish this year so that I can continue to share my dreams will all of you.

The only thing left to do now was edit my twitter bio and take out the word “new.”

I am a big girl blogger now.


  1. Yes you are. Happy Birthday Queen! I look forward to the future.



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