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For the Birthday Brunch of My Dreams: “The Garden Room at the Four Seasons New York”

I am a woman that feels comfortable practically anywhere, from the inside of a tattoo shop to a five star hotel. I am a woman of the world. Anywhere I want to go the only validation I need is my desire to be there. Luckily I have always been like this. That hasn’t necessarily been popular but I don’t care. Peer pressure didn’t work when I was younger and it certainly has no chances now. After all I am thirty-five and still alive, and damn proud of it!

Speaking of which, this big birthday warranted an equally big celebration. You have already found out that on the night of my actual birthday I visited Le Boudoir ( in Brooklyn and I am ecstatic to share my plans for the day after. I was crossing another item off of my 2016/2017 to do list ( and finally having brunch at the Four Seasons. The party had no end in sight, just the way I like it.

                                   Courtesy of the New York Times

The Four Seasons is a legendary institution and has been at this location in New York City since the beginning. The Garden Room has hosted many, many infamous events most notably for me was Bethenny Frankel’s wedding on her television show “Bethenny Getting Married?” This room is marked by the pool in the center of the room. Sadly this portion of the Garden Room is currently under construction. I was originally very disappointed because I was so excited to finally be going but you know what? It was amazing even without that touch. I will just have to go back when it reopens and eat some more.

I was exhausted this morning but I still put on my Sunday best, which is normally sweats and a t-shirt, but I dolled myself all up. I don’t mind when something is this exciting and worthy. The building from the outside really doesn’t give off the impression that you are about to enter somewhere special. I had brunch last year at Peacock Alley in the Waldorf Astoria ( and boy when you approach that place you feel its magnificence all the way outside. That is the kind of entrance I prefer to make.

No matter I was still pumped. I flung those doors wide open before the poor doorman even knew what was happening. Like I said I am comfortable anywhere, anytime.

When I stepped inside I was met with a grand Christmas tree, keep in mind this was less than a week before. It was breathtaking. I knew I would want a family photo in front of that on our way out.

The Garden Room was in vicinity to the lobby on the right hand side. It was up a level and decorated in a very clean, modern way. There were trees lit in a very distinctive green with red poinsettia plants all around. The dark wood was perfectly polished and the lightening wasn’t too bright. All of the things I look for in a room fit for this Queen. We were seated at a table with a couch on one side, which is where I sat, just like in Le Boudoir the night before.

Upon sitting down we were offered a complimentary beverage. We all went with mimosas.

A good rule of thumb for me is the more beverages in front of me the better. I typically have three whether out or at home. I need coffee, love alcohol at a brunch, but am too thirsty not to also have water. This afternoon was no different.

A pot of piping hot La Colombe coffee was brought to me. I love a whole pot to myself! Sadly I already knew I would never have the room to finish it but I did manage to get two cups down.

Prior to our food arriving we were visited by the bread man. I do not know his name but he gave us each a piece of focaccia bread and something similar to a garlic cornbread. They were each so good I would have pocketed some if the breadbasket had been left on the table. I choose to believe that is the reason for such fancy service. I know I am not the first one to think of that.

Additionally we (there were three of us) had decided to have: two orders of the Brie stuffed French toast with holiday berry compote, with a side of pork sausage as well as one Hearty Gotham burger with cheddar, fried egg, and crispy onions served with a side of French fries. The food came pretty much immediately.

Since Brie is my favorite cheese of all time I knew I was getting this from long ago. Despite having some the night before and using it to make Christmas dinner later in the week ( I went ahead with my order.

I was super anxious for my first bite. Brie is a soft creamy like cheese and I wasn’t so sure how it would be inside of bread rather than on top as a spread. Turns out this might have actually been a bit too much Brie for me. It was very filled and because it was baked inside it was falling out making me think of it as mozzarella instead of Brie. It tasted good but was very heavy. The berry compote was delightful though and I ate as much of the toast as I could. The sausage arrived way too under cooked for my preference so I had to send it back for a few minutes although it was quite enjoyable.

The final portion of my meal came as a surprise. The staff surprised me with a birthday dessert, candles and all. Both the gesture and the cake were very sweet but made me happy. The cake was chocolate on the outside with a peanut butter filling. Normally this would not have been my thing. I only tasted it to be polite but shockingly enough it vanished right before my eyes. Whatever they used to make that crunchy peanut butter and crispy chocolate layer came straight from heaven above. Toxically enchanting. That might have stolen my Brie’s thunder.

Another great meal and memory was on the books. If I had all the time in the world I could have sat there staring out the window from my seat all day long. It is the kind of high quality relaxation I feel whenever I am lucky enough to have a spa day. There is nothing else in the world on my mind but enjoying the present. It is an opportunity we don’t get nearly enough of. This is the way I was meant to live. Just being there was something altogether in itself.

The service overall was wonderful. Everyone was friendly and pleasant. Despite the one rude faux pas my waitress made that I won’t soon forget, I had thought very highly of her.

Executive Chef John Johnson is a Four Seasons man. Before joining the New York location he worked in Atlantic City. During the 1990s he worked with superstar chef Geoffrey Zakarian. His food is so well known that his Lemon Ricotta Hotcakes are the most ordered item on the menu. The generous chef has gladly published his recipe for those willing to attempt them. The recipe is the last link below.

I think the next time I dine here I will try the hanger steak and eggs along with the TY Bar Toddy. I have never had a hot toddy but it sounds delicious. But most importantly I am still satisfied with my choices for my first meal here.

Besides brunch, the New Year TY Bar’s Roaring ‘20s Soiree sounds like a ton of fun. I definitely want to give that a try as well one year soon. I love a roaring twenties theme plus this night you watch a live feed of the ball drop (see previous post), have a Louis XIII Cognac toast, receive party favors, marvel at the ice sculptures, dance to the music performed by the swing band, and feast on caviar and canapés. Plus, like you need anything else; there is a step and repeat all set up!! I love when my photos are already planned out ahead of time. The only thing I am missing is the perfect dress, which I should start shopping for right now. I am thinking something along the lines of what Kris Jenner wore to her roaring twenties themed sixtieth birthday party.

The only other high quality brunch I will now seek out is located at the Rainbow Room. I had to be sure to save some fun for this year’s birthday bash.

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