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For Food on Forty Second Street: “Chevy’s Fresh Mex”

Mexican food is a love of mine. I crave rice and beans, guacamole and sour cream on a regular basis. Satisfying this urge can be harder than you think. There are so many restaurants out there that are disappointing and there is nothing more depressing than attempting to get what you want and leave empty handed.

The last time I had a proper Mexican meal was this past December on my birthday ( It sure hit the spot to say the least.

This time I went back to an old haunting ground that I haven’t visited since I was in college. It was just like I remembered.

Chevy’s has had a location in the heart of Times Square on forty-second street for as long as I remember. It is a nice spot right on the corner that you can see for miles in either direction. The Port Authority and subways are conveniently close by as well as several parking lots. Nowadays there are more than enough other restaurants nearby as well.

I feel like everywhere I go there is construction. It is starting to overcrowd already popular areas like Times Square, which I hate. I haven’t hung around these parts in a VERY long time. so long in fact that there is now a Senior Frog’s located on this block and I haven’t seen one since I was on Spring Break in Cancun, Mexico over fifteen years ago. Incidentally that was also the best St. Patrick’s Day I ever had (

I was going to B.B. King’s after dinner so Chevy’s was definitely the right choice for my group. Before I discuss the food I want to point out the other positive aspects of Chevy’s. For starters it is a two story restaurant so getting a seat is pretty easy no matter when you go. This was especially appealing to me it being a Saturday night and all. I made a reservation because I am anal but it wasn’t necessary. The service is also fast so the turn over rate remains high. The staff is very friendly. The yummy flavored alcohol drinks are enormous, which is why I loved it here when I was in college. My only desire is that someone do a better job cleaning the bathroom, even though I am sure people acting like animals is the reason it becomes so disgusting in the first place.

This a bad segway, sorry, but now we are onto the food. I selected mine with a quickness and it was “dead on balls accurate”. Sorry I cant seem to stop with the My Cousin Vinny (see previous blog) quotes either.

I got the fajita burrito with grilled chicken, refried beans (possibly the best food on earth), Spanish rice, sour cream, and guacamole. On the side there was more rice, black beans, and sour cream. It was all of the ingredients I would need for my last supper on Earth. 

Upon my first bite I felt a flow of ecstasy. It was literally the perfect bite. I had waited so long for this flavor. I want to be able to get this three times a week but its kind of far for me. Even though this was the very best meal I was way too full and over estimated what I could eat. I tried my best but during my second half of the burrito a wall came up and I smacked right into it. I couldn’t take another bite but I knew in a few days the craving would return but worse because this time I know exactly what I am missing. And believe me I am missing it.

If you are still looking for a place to celebrate or just grab a bite Chevy’s is the place for you. Perhaps you even spent Father’s Day here. If so your Dad is one lucky dude.

Bon provecho!

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