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For a Blissful Brunch Just a Stone’s Throw Away: “Stone Park Café”

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I know this and I force myself to eat it everyday. For me it is especially important because my chronic migraine illness requires me to take about fifteen or so pills each morning in the order to attempt to prevent an attack coming on.

Even though this though this meal is important I have come to eating it under duress. I either wait until I am starving to shove it in, which I know is bad, or I just choke it down because I don’t like what I am eating. Most days during the week it’s a homemade yogurt parfait. Actually with fresh fruit and granola it is not bad, it’s good, the first time or two. Mostly I am not that hungry but I also crave “lunch foods”. I want soup, salad, or my favorite; Mexican food. A good burrito can make just about any day better.

On the weekends I admit this seemingly good behavior goes out the window. I might snack on anything that seems appealing to me at that time. I tend to eat in the late afternoon saving more coffee and dessert for the evening. But I have now decided to steer towards a new path; using summer weekends to see out the great brunches and restaurants on my 2015 to do list (

I decided I would start in Brooklyn since I have had a lot of luck with places I have chosen. All roads will of course lead me to Manhattan some time soon.

Today’s locale is Park Slope, Brooklyn. This is an area that is just getting better and better. It is a popular neighborhood with those who are trendy and like to carry their babies around in slings across their bodies. There are also the artists, bohemians, model-ish youngsters, and then of course there was me.

For once it wasn’t something I read that drew me to the Stone Park Café. Instead it was based off a recommendation I saw on social media posted by a friend. Once I looked it up I was intrigued. It sounded good and so I added it to this year’s to do list just for kicks. It certainly wasn’t one of the places I have been trying to get to for years. Instead I would want to visit again and again, I just didn’t know it yet.

The first time I planned to come here didn’t quite go as planned. There was a miscommunication between the restaurant and me and I arrived over an hour or so early. I was devastated momentarily but all was not lost. I should have recognized just from the name, but my brain wasn’t working so fast, that this restaurant is next to another important activity on my to do list, the Old Stone House. But since I was not eating here on this day I decided I would kill both of these birds with one stone on at another time.

Instead of having the brunch of my dreams, I ended up in a nearby restaurant that I came upon by accident, a happy accident. I was standing in front of Frankies 457 ( as it was opening. Needless to say this day turned out wonderfully fulfilling despite the earlier mix-up. Or maybe that’s where my destiny lead me. Either way it is a memory I treasure and plan to relive sometime soon.

I kept the Stone Park Café at the forefront of my mind I didn’t want to have to wait too long before I was back there. Alas last weekend my Saturday was wide-open except for a leisurely day eating my life away. Without a reservation I made my way inside and only had to wait a few minutes, which pleased me greatly. This place was packed and as I walked through I saw so many couples, families, and friends all sitting indoors and out enjoying plates and plates of food. There was music playing of all eras that I wished I had on my I-Pod. I was singing while I looked at the menu.

Deciding what to get would be way harder than I initially thought. There were so many things I wanted. My mother always says not to leave with a want in your heart, but here I was mid dilemma. The first thing I ordered was a peach bellini.  I haven’t had one in so long and this was perfect. It was refreshing, not too sweet, and not too strong. I could have easily kept drinking and singing all day long until it was no longer a pretty picture.

Instead I also ordered an iced coffee and the sourdough bread French toast that arrived with berry compote and black bear maple syrup. Again, I’m not usually a French toast girl and that is because I usually eat breakfast out at a diner. Diner French toast is almost as bad as the one I can make myself at home. This was a whole other thing.

The four slices on my plate looked like more than enough for one serving. However I could have eaten much more. It was so light and moist I ate one whole piece with nothing on it. The berry compote and maple syrup were eye balling me so I spread those over the three pieces I had left. I oohed and ahhed over my meal and before I knew it, it was gone. Just like that. It was like the twilight zone, once you entered this restaurant portions seemingly normal were not enough for even a small child.

Prior to this brunch if you asked me what my favorite quiche was of all time, I would have said the blue cheese and leak variation I had at Bouchon Bakery ( Now as I reflect back I feel it was a much stronger tasting and not as moist as the one I had at Stone Park Café. This quiche was made with spinach, mushrooms, and cheddar cheese, with a side of French fries. These quiches were different because of the ingredients but overall the pure flavors and pudding like consistency at the latter were too much to ignore. There is no quiche existing anywhere in the world that can compete with the Stone Park Café version. I suppose the one at Bouchon Bakery could be considered runner up but there is nothing that Stone Park Café could do that would render its tiara over to Bouchon Bakery.

I could have eaten more plates of just about anything else on the menu. The reason for this is I believe due to the fact that all ingredients are organic, farm raised, basically extremely fresh ingredients. I have never tasted such flavorful spinach that melted in my mouth, more so than creamed spinach ever has. It was like the kitchen was a garden with the best of the best. Just as fast as these dishes arrived were they sent back empty handed. I still proceeded to rave about it for the next thirty minutes at least.

Although I didn’t get to finish most of it, I really loved the iced coffee. For starters it was on the menu and didn’t have to explain what I wanted like I did in Savannah (

Then I was done. I had eaten everything I came for. I also already know what I am getting next time, but you will have to live in suspense until that blog comes.

The review in Zagat guide states that Stone Park Café is a “neighborhood favorite” and “fantastic brunch”. I concur emphatically.

Now I was off to retrace the steps of The Battle of Brooklyn simply just by crossing the street.

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  1. So delicious...I can still taste the food. Thanks for keeping me on the blog adventure list. xoxo


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