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For a Wonderful Weekend in the Windy City Part VII: Conclusion

So now you have seen what my version of Chicago is like. I hope now you have a clearer understanding of why I love it so much and why I wanted to share it with you.
Once you have had a wonderful weekend in the windy city you are exhausted and happily so. You have gotten to just about everything that was possible and they say it is good to leave you wanting more. I always leave Chicago wanting more, more food, more fun.
Another great aspect of Chicago is its proximity to other regions. For instance Gary, Indiana (original home to the Jackson Five and family) is only about a half hour away by car. Besides visiting this former home I know there is also a casino there and many hotels have shuttles that go back and forth. It is something different to do and if you love gambling you still get your wish. Chicago really is the gateway to anything that you desire.

I know I will keep going back until there isn’t one thing left on any of my future itineraries. Whenever that day shall come I hope to just get off the plane with a feeling of satisfaction and wonder wherever my legs take me.

I try to stay current about what is going on in Chicago and luckily my favorite website, Huffington Post, knows what’s up and has a section completed devoted to this city. The New York Times, the only paper I read, also mentions this so-called second city often. Recently I read an article about the despair in the housing situation (see link below). It all sounds so familiar especially living in N.Y.C.

There are two books I also intend to read about Chicago (again see links below). The first is by Eric Klinenberg and is about the great fire. I have read Mr. Klinenberg’s other book “Going Solo” which was fascinating. I eagerly await hearing what he has to say about Chicago history.

The second book is called “The Third City” and outlines Chicago in terms of three separate cities depending on their point in time. I think that is an original point of view and I hope to learn from reading this.

I am now wondering what the sites you treasure in Chicago are and if not Chicago then in another city you love.
If you have not yet been to Chicago I hope this virtual tour was an incentive to go some time soon. There is always a good reason to go be it food, adventure, or just to relax. It is only a two-hour plane ride from New York City and that is one of my top reasons for going. It is so close yet so far away.
That’s all folks.
For a Fascinating Read about Chicago:


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