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For Famous Movie Locations

To continue with the theme of famous locations, I now move onto famous locations from the cinema. Movies are probably the only other area so well versed in our minds. Like television, when we watch a story unfold in a particular scene in a particular way, it stays with us in our minds and hearts. When we think of what our favorite movies are, the ones that makes us laugh, cry, scary us to our core, even the ones we hate, we are all able to draw those images instantly to our minds eye. When these sites are places we can actually visit, perhaps even places near where we live, they take on a whole new meaning. Reality becomes blurred when there are no sound stages to take down and you can implant yourself in the scene instead.

I have been too many places and I have seen many famous movie locations. I am sure I have missed some and will continue to add to the list those I want to visit in the locations I love and the places I have yet to conquer.

These are just the list of the ones that are near and dear to my heart. I encourage all of you to find yours. You might be surprised how close they are and how exciting it really is when you are standing on the site. I know I am surprised at how many I have been to.

San Francisco, California

Mrs. Doubtfire-

San Diego, California

Some Like It Hot-

Los Angeles, California

       Pretty Woman-

Long Island, New York

The Amityville Horror-

Brooklyn, New York

Sophie's Choice-

New York, New York

         When Harry Met Sally-

Mystic, Connecticut

Mystic Pizza-

Chicago, Illinois

         Ferris Buller’s Day Off-

New Orleans, Louisiana

         Interview with a Vampire & Primary Colors-

Pelican Brief-

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Newport, Rhode Island

         The Great Gatsby-

Paris, France

The Da Vinci Code-

London, England

The Queen-

Now when I see something I have been to or done in what I am watching I automatically yell out “hey I have been there/done that”. No one around me particularly cares especially if they are trying to concentrate on what they are watching and all I care about is the scenery. But it does make me all happy and warm on the inside. I feel a certain amount of pride that the places I choose to go have just been validated on another higher level. Then for a few moments I think back to where I was and how that remainder of the trip went. More often than not I am sitting there with a smile on my face longing to go back to that moment in time, visit that destination again, and definitely re-watch the shows that highlight the best parts of that location. After all when some place is amazing I can never get enough.

Currently, I do not have any sites in mind that are famous for the pictures they are in. Usually I book the vacation first and then it’s a happy coincidence that I get to visit some place cool as an extra. But when I am reading one of my favorite travel magazines or even the New York Times there are so many great tips on locations where both television and film locations can be the point of your travels or even just a side trip. It is really something that is becoming more and more attractive to the average tourist. As you will recognize many cities, especially N.Y.C., have tours geared towards seeing the places you want to go to just like your favorite stars, whether they are in the shows or not. It is a lucrative business. It is a choice I would likely make as a tourist but have not as of late. I have been looking up my own information and providing me and my companions with self guided tours. I prefer this method because I can stay to my own schedule, go only to the sites I care about, and find surprises on the way. Everyone should have some adventure on his or her trip even if it is planned like mine.

What are the famous sites inspired by the movies you love that you want to see on your next vacation?

To plan your visit to famous movie locations:

For N.Y.C locations only:


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