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For the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This is my favorite Christmas song. I listen to it year round and can listen to it over and over again. It is way better than that one by those random chipmunks.

This song always reminds me about two things I love best: being Italian and celebrating Christmas as one.

Christmas in New York is about the most wonderful time I can think of. It makes all things about living in New York that are challenging during the year worth it. I can put up with the crappy transportation, pollution, crazy people, and the general rat race of it because at the end of the year I get the bonus. No not at work, something even better, the holiday season. Although snow is beautiful, as a New Yorker I hate it because it just becomes a mess and a hazard to function in. But Christmas and the holiday season don’t necessarily mean snow here. But luckily it does mean all of the amazing treats that will befall your all your senses, as you see, hear, and taste all the goodies that come but once a year.

What I hate most is that stores rush the seasons and holidays. You now have to buy a bathing suit in January and your winter coat in July if you want to get the style and size you want. It is so annoying. God forbid you need a pair of dress pants for work in April I don’t know what to tell you. I guess that’s a plus for the internet shoppers.

Now I know that seasonal flavors are universal thanks to science and chains like Starbucks. Speaking of which, those holiday lattes are what I look forward to most this time of year. But when you get to have one while walking down Fifth Avenue in NYC, looking above at all the twinkling lights, each store more decked out then the next, it feels like a scene out of a movie. This is why so many have scenes like this. But unlike a movie, you won’t bump into a hundred people cursing and yelling at you: “watch where you are going” while your head is in the sky.

Despite the hoards of tourists that descend on us, there are many, many things that are worth it. It is nice to see everyone appreciating the beauty of your city and makes me more eager to conquer my to-do list. This is partly the reason this blog is appearing now. I feel like I haven’t had five minutes to myself to stop and think, let alone write, in the last two months. But they were all good, happy distractions and for that I am blessed.

While at first glance this may appear to be an odd time of year to be sharing these types of tips. However, some are not solely in existence for the holidays, many are winter activities from November to January, so it is best to see what you may want to do that you are still able to do.

Also it is never too early to start planning for this year. Even year I am constantly finding new ways to share the joy and adding them to my annual traditional celebrations.

I can’t wait to hear what will be your favorites!

For the information you need to have a wonderful time during the holiday season:

New York Botanical Gardens/ Holiday Train Show

Rockefeller Center/ Skating/ Christmas Tree

Radio City Christmas Spectacular

South Street Seaport/ Christmas Tree/ Shopping

Opera/Ballet (Nutcracker)

Ice-skating/ Bryant Park and Central Park

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Hanukkah Menorah NYC

Window Displays/ Fifth Avenue

The Empire State Building

Eating and Drinking


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